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[2016-04-04-WWE-Raw] Baron Corbin vs Dolph Ziggler


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"He marches to the beat of his own drummer" is up there with the most WWE commentary lines ever. Ziggler is in the stage of his career Marufuji is now where he looks like an old cat, his Dropkick and haircut are just sad to watch. His punches didn't look too bad, if he dropped alll of his DX tribute offence he might be almost as good of a worker as The Miz. Corbin's Forearms looked good but man I got surprisingly annoyed at how even this was worked. Finish was incredibly stupid as most WWE Dusty finishes are, Corbin goes over the barricade, then screams at the ref for no reason, then proves a point by brutalizing Dolph Ziggler but he does that by returning to the ringside area. Okay. Another match I didn't really need to see. I caught Corbin hitting his finisher on Ziggler on the floor a month ago and hoped this would be just kicking Dolph around but nah. A star and three quarters I'm sorry I don't know how to rate these matches anymore I quit watching NOAH three years ago.

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