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[2016-04-04-WWE-Raw] A.J. Styles vs Chris Jericho vs Kevin Owens vs Cesaro


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These kind of matches are often insane exhibitons of cool spots and athleticism that range from incredible to terrible. Sometimes they're just guys doing stuff and tower of doom spots and that's what this was. Owens' selling being thrown into the barricade by screaming the way he did is the kind of self conscious sell that reddit boys will look at and say "yeah! that ruled". It can never get real heat. The Miz would never do it. Jericho screaming "stay down you stupid man" is also too hilarious and stupid to get real heat in 2016. Owens' Package Powerbomb doesn't really look good or make sense, it got a good pop the first time but still it is very much "hey guys remember I used to do the Package Piledriver the cool move they don't let me do anymore *wink wink*". If there was one thing I liked about this it's that pins were broken up with head stomps, it's the kind of cool thing Choshu used to do. Outside of that this was very much a generic WWE fatal four way and not as good as the Miz match from the same show.

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