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[1989-04-20-AJPW] Genichiro Tenryu vs Jumbo Tsuruta


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Man the opening sequences made this look like it was going to be one of the greatest matches of all time and it was going really great and then Jumbo botched the Powerbomb. That made it feel really incomplete, in a way I rarely find botched finishes to be, usually I'm just amused at the brutality but here it really felt like a sudden stop that shouldn't have been. Thankfully we got a rematch two months later. This was still very good but more three star-ish than what could've (and did eventually) be.

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Good match with a GREAT start. I watched this right after the Hansen/Jumbo match which unified the Triple Crown belts from two days earlier and it's noticeably more fiery and intense. The botched powerbomb which ends the match is quite scary as Jumbo gets the three count and continues to look over at Tenryu, visibly concerned. 

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