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[2016-04-18-WWE-Raw] Kevin Owens vs Dean Ambrose


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Not sure exactly why I watched this but. Here we are. I don't know whether or not random crowd member was laughing at the early chop exchanges or something one of his lads said but the chop exchanges were indeed worthy of LOLing, luckily they don't build huge portions of the match around them. Ambrose busting out the Low Ki top elbows was cool. Owens has a good back elbow. Ambrose might have the worst Suicide Dive out of anyone who doesn't completely botch it. It just looks like crap. Holy shit Owens' Frog Splash is now a regular spot and looks amazing. IDK how else to talk about this kind of match where they just DO STUFF until the finish where they DO MORE STUFF and also faster. Match also includes the most hilarious Rebound Lariat ever. Average match of its kind.

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