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[1981-11-18-CWF] Jack Brisco vs Buzz Sawyer

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Jack Brisco vs Buzz Sawyer - CWF 11/18/81


High stakes in this Florida TV studio bout as Gordon tells us the winner will be in line for NWA World Title shot and Flair is out to watch the match. Really smooth, technical match. Brisco's arm drags are great and I love how fluid his transition from a hiptoss into a short armscissors is. I love the rolling short arm scissors. Sawyer plays it great with tights on the roll up. Brisco accidentally gets caught with a knee on a criss cross and Sawyer does from great work on the arm. Again it is on a criss cross the match is decided, Sawyer goes for a bodyslam in motion but Brisco jumps high and topples him with a Thesz Press to get the three. Fun and brief.

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