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[2016-05-01-WWE-Payback] Kalisto vs Ryback


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This was a blast, I have always liked Ryback since he first showed up and wanted to love him but.........he just isn't that good. Perfectly fine as the guy who puts over the guy who puts over John Cena. He is a great foil for Kalisto though, Kalisto can get good matches out of stiffs and mediocre wrestlers but works so much better against a good base. Ryback has a bunch of cool power spots and the whole match is a battle of them and Kalisto's "fireworks". The avalanche military press slam looked awesome and I didn't mind Kalisto getting up so soon even if it may not have been the perfect way to go about doing it. I also loved the way Ryback carried himself and played to the crowd, him repeatedly kicking out of Kalisto's pins at 1 or an early 2 is something very unique for a modern WWE match and made the nearfalls more special. ***1/2

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