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Superstar Sleeze

[1985-01-11-WCCW] The Fantastics vs Midnight Express

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American Tag Team Champions Fantastics vs Midnight Express - WCCW 1/11/85


Fantastics take their time to hug and kiss every single woman in the front row. I love it! We get not one, but two "Clear the ring, booty shake, high five, thumbs up" sequence. We need more fun, happy go lucky tag teams! Another funny part was there was a "Lets Go Bobby" chant when both Bobby's were in there.


I liked the shine even better in this one as it is clearly evident by my first paragraph. I always love the side headlock/headscissors takedown of both your opponents. There is a false heat segment where Eaton seems to actually take Rogers down by legal tactics, but it is just a psych out as Rogers dropkicks Eaton a couple times. They are beauties. Rogers is pumped. Then there is a double monkey flip. This is so much fun. High-five! I would have high-fived them too! The reaction of the MX especially Corny to getting their asses kicked is awesome. Condrey distracts Fulton in the corner and Eaton wipes him out from behind. Now here is the heat segment. I actually like this set up of the Fans with Fulton in the FIP so Rogers can unleash his badass, pretty offense as the hot tag. I love how Condrey steps on Fulton every chance he gets when he makes a tag to Eaton. Condrey was that grit that Eaton and Lane did not have. He was a heel's heel. MX just generally beat the shit out of Fulton, backbreaker, hotshot you know the MX playbook. Fulton gets a crossbody on both of them! Here comes Rogers as a house of fire! His offense is fantastic! :)


Condrey shoves Rogers into the ref. Rogers gets a splash, but there is no ref. He goes for an O'Connor Roll, but Corny nails him with a racket and that's the end of that.


Just another super fun Southern tag team match. These two were at their best in Crockett, but this is very entertaining stuff. ****



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