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[1986-09-21-Houston Wrestling] Steve Williams vs Michael Hayes (Cage)


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This is a cage match and is worked how you're suppose to work a cage match. It starts off with a little shine for Doc. Hayes quickly puts Doc into the cage a couple of times. Hayes gets the brass knucks and just bloodys up Doc. He's working the cut like any good pro wrestler would. So Hayes focus is the cut. We even see a bulldog from him. Again the focus is on the cut. Doc fights back, and now Hayes is tasting the cage. He's all bloodied up and now Doc is punching the holy hell out of the cut. He's grating Hayes forehead onto the cage. Doc Finishes him off with a flying shoulder block. Now Gordy enters the cage and he is beating on Doc. Dibiase enters the fray to even the odds up. Their are belts being used which looks to set up a Country Whipping match. The crowd was insane for the post match. Everything made this a great segment. 4*

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