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[1988-04-26-NWA-Worldwide] Midnight Express vs The Fantastics

Superstar Sleeze

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NWA US Tag Team Champions Midnight Express vs Fantastics - Taped 4/26/88, Chattanooga TN.  Aired on NWA Worldwide 5/14/88


Midnight Express are the longest reigning US Tag Champs in history. JYNX!


Another incredible match between these two teams they take the classic Southern formula and add really cool spots and high end selling to make it something special. I thought Stan Lane was incredible in this so intense throughout. When he was getting armdragged or countered he looked legit pissed that he could not keep up with the Fantastics. Very simple story in the beginning of the Fantastics frustrating the MX with their speed and ability to slip out of holds. Best spot was Rogers landing on his feet from the back drop and then dropkicking Eaton in one fluid motion. Fun spots with Fulton shaking the ropes causing Lane to crotch himself and then laying out on top rope like nothing happened and when ref is giving him the business he marches over and steps on Eaton's stomach. Love it! I have to say I think I prefer Fulton to Rogers. He has so much character and wicked right. Like he has a really good punch. The brawling on the floor was fun and Fulton really kicked some ass. The heel transition spot on Rogers was sick. Eaton hotshotted Rogers and Lane took his head and smashed his face into rope. It looked nasty. Lane was really aggressive in second half of the match. Really nice kicks. Lots of eyerakes from MX. Lane was barking at the ref. Really liked his demeanor in this. Rogers gets a dropkick on Eaton and then moves on a charge. Rogers goes the wrong way but falls back into the hot tag! Fulton's house afire was very short lived Eaton crashed into him with a knee and in one fluid motion he falls outside the ring into Lane who launches him like a lawn dart onto the railing throat first. The heat segment on Fulton takes this from great to classic. Fulton is selling the throat really well. Lane and Eaton choke and snap that neck. Lane is ferocious. He is pinning Fulton by tying up all appendages. He chokes Fulton hard. He then SNAPS and YANKS Fulton up y the hair and throws him down. PRIMAL SCREAM FROM SWEET STAN! He chucks him out and Corny cracks him in back on racket. Awesome, awesome heat segment. Fulton is getting killed. Lane with that pretzel cover loving this intensity. HAIR BIEL! Wicked roundhouse! Top Rope Elbow by Eaton! They are brutalizing Fulton in the corner. He cant defend himself. Lane and Eaton are killing him. The ref is looking to stop the fight. Rogers pleads not to and MX is prematurely celebrating. Eaton comes back with a wicked series of punches. The MX just cant put him away. Roger perches himself on top and Eaton turnsaround and eats a missile dropkick seamlessly into a schoolboy from Fulton 1-2-3!!!! NEW US TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS! MASSIVE POP!


Three crazy well-timed spots and awesome finish. The shine was good fun and the Roger heat segment was solid, but that Fulton heat segment was incredible. Great selling by Fulton and MX were just plain violently fierce. I thought the finish as really unique and cool. Fulton shows resiliency and instead of an unbelieveable comeback there was a surprise missile dropkick that got them the win! Love it! Another classic from this amazing rivalry this time showing a more ferocious side of the MX and just how damn good Bobby Fulton was. ****1/2

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