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[2000-01-24-WCW-Nitro] Kevin Nash vs Sid


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Nash gets a Hall fears Oduls sign on the way out. Also, a lass in the crowd is a big fan of Big Sexy. Nash bans the powerbomb pre match. Sid gets a good reaction coming out. Nash takes over and doesn’t do a lot on top to make the match interesting. It tells me something I am such a mark for title lineages and have no idea who ends up winning this match. Robinson gets bumped and Sid gets the visual pin. That is a popular trope in 2000 US Wrestling. Sid calls for the crowd support and they cheer a good bit and here comes Jarrett. Sid grabs his guitar and then fakes being hit by the guitar when Robinson recovers. Shockingly smart move. After 30 seconds, Sid covers Nash and wins. Pretty good heat for Sid and I haven’t been bothered by him so far. *3/4

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Commissioner Nash can't seem to form a coherent sentence in his pre-match promo. Is he hammered? He finally gets his bearings and outlaws the powerbomb, saying if Sid uses the move, he will automatically forfeit the title to Nash. I'll at least give Nash credit for trying to be a real heel -- a smarmy one, but at least he isn't a funny or charming guy here in the least. Not sure if that's intentional, but it's the effect. Match is about what you'd expect, I'll just say that. I too was impressed at Sid the thinking man's wrestler at the end of this. Who knew he had it in him?

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Yeah Nash didn't come off as a good promo at all in this.


You know it is bad Nitro when fucking Sid vs Heavy D Don Harris was the best match. Psychosis/Kaz had an abortion of a match. Norman/3Count was fun. I skipped Vampiro/Kidman ( Torrie in that zebra outfit though WOW) and Mamalukes. Sid was actually great in terms of hot babyface charisma. Not a bad choice for a number one face. I'd kill for Sid right now in wrestling. I think Braun is close but Sid just has crazy charisma.


Sid/Nash sucked the big one. From the opening bell, they botched a fucking body slam lol! At least Sid went over! Yay! Sid pulling the Eddie routine of acting like Jarrett hit him with the guitar when he had done to Nash was great! I was marking out! Excited for Sid title reign!

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A dire pre-match interview from Commissioner Nash prior to this World title match where he talks about the powers that come with being Commissioner. As a result, he will be outlawing the powerbomb (‘because it’s so gosh, darn dangerous’) and if Sid uses it he will automatically forfeit the match and he will be declared the winner and new champion.


First spot of the match is Sid bodyslamming Nash and they make a mess of that. Sid with a legdrop and I thought Nash was going to be doing the job in seconds but he kicks out. A clothesline then sends Nash over the top rope to the floor. A brief bit of action in the ring before they’re back on the outside and fighting in the front row of the crowd with Nash throwing his terribly pulled punches again. Nash with a sleeper and as Sid’s arm drops for three, the other one raises up. He backs Nash into the corner to break the hold, but doesn’t realise Charles Robinson is behind them and squashes him. Nash goes for the powerbomb when out runs Jeff Jarrett with his guitar. Sid sees him coming, nails Jarrett and then clobbers Nash over the head with the guitar. The referee starts to come round and Sid drops to the canvas, selling the idea that he’s the one who’s been hit with it. He slowly crawls over to cover Nash, Robinson counts the three and we’ve a ticker tape celebration for the new World Heavyweight champion.


Finishes have been my pet peeve so far but I liked this one, and the finish here saved the match from being plain unwatchable. Still this was dreadful and how can you blow a bodyslam when it’s the first move of the match? Nash’s strikes are the pits and Sid’s aren’t much better. Worst match I’ve watched so far.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-01-24-WCW-Nitro] Kevin Nash vs Sid

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