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[2000-01-28-ECW-Fort Lauderdale, FL] Little Guido vs Yoshihiro Tajiri vs Super Crazy


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A familar pairing but I really appreciated some of the new stuff that was done to differentiate this one. Tajiri starts out by blowing mist which distracted Guido enough for him to kick in his head. The dive sequence here is well done and Tajiri has a really neat reversal that goes straight into the Tarantula. In my favorite spot, Tajiri declares a truce with Guido and pleads with him to go to the top to finish off Crazy. When Guido goes up, Tajiri trips him up and then stands on his crotch. Both Guido and Crazy have enough of Tajiri's shit and eliminate him. Afterwards, we have an awkward spot with Sal and Crazy where he botches a powerbomb. I was surprised to see Guido get the clean win here against Crazy. Really fun match. ***1/4


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I've grown to appreciate these fancams more than the TV when possible because we know they'll always be complete and we don't have to listen to Joey Styles. Win-win. I love how awesome we can see various combinations of these three go at it in a single month where it doesn't get stale because they keep changing how they work the match. Here, we see them start with a more methodical pace (by their standards) and they do even more character work than usual -- so we get the usual great action sprinkled with comedy (the Tajiri-Guido stuff ROCKS) and a surprise early elimination. I guess it's not that much of a surprise since we got Tajiri going first earlier in the month too, but he's the star, so it still is. And wow, Big Sal is finally semi-useful for once, running in to attack Super Crazy after Guido distracts the ref. For just action, the Guido-Crazy stretch is the best part of the match. Both guys look awesome, and I love Guido countering the triple moonsault because Crazy stops and showboats. This was tremendous. ***3/4 (I think this aired on the 3/3 TNN show. Wow, long gap!)

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I don't know how many times this match has happened, but it seems to always be fun. Tajiri is clearly the top guy in ECW at this time. He has a unique charisma and is able to get the crowd behind him regardless of the language barrier. I think Akira Tozawa's US indie run is similar to this as he was able to get over in much the same way. This match contains one of the most beautiful transitions into the tarantula that I've ever seen. Everyone flows together very well in this one and it is an easy watch. This is worth seeing even if you have seen this same match combination before.



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Tajiri blows the green mist and when Guido looks at it, he drops him with a kick to the head. Crazy with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on Tajiri, who responds with a round-the-world headscissors. Sleeper by Guido on Tajiri, but he flings him over his shoulder to escape. Crazy with a reverse crossbody on Tajiri, and Guido immediately follows with a clothesline off the top. Fujiwara armbar on Crazy. Tajiri is back to his feet and he measures a kick to Guido’s head before just standing on it! The crowd start chanting Tajiri’s name and he bows to all four corners acknowledging them. Handspring elbow to Guido who rolls to the outside to talk things over with Big Sal. He backdrops Crazy over the top rope to the apron, and Guido pulls him to the floor. As the FBI double team him, Tajiri with an Asai moonsault to the ‘Italians’. Guido reverses an Irish whip into the guard rail and Tajiri goes crashing into it. He whips Crazy into it and the two of them only just manage to get out the way of an onrushing Sal who careers into and over the barricade. Crazy with a quebrada over the guard rail to the floor. Tajiri with a sunset flip, but Crazy holds onto the ropes so he transitions into the ‘Tarantula’ and Guido then dropkicks Crazy in the head. Tajiri and Guido make a pact to work together, however while they are hugging out to seal it, everyone can see Tajiri crossing his fingers behind Guido’s back. Tajiri with a bodyslam and he tells Guido to go up top. When he does, Tajiri shoves him in the back and he loses his balance. He ties him in the ‘tree of woe’ and stands on his balls (a Tajiri favourite!). Moonsault, but Crazy has moved and Guido with a famouser off the top. Springboard dropkick from Crazy, Maritato and they both make the cover to eliminate Tajiri. Crazy runs the ropes and Sal hooks his leg. He climbs up the ropes to have words with him and Guido with a really nice Russian legsweep off the middle for two. He distracts the referee, arguing over the count, and Sal gets in the ring. He botches a powerbomb just dropping Crazy, so falls on him instead and Guido with another two. Crazy with a powerbomb out the corner and a springboard moonsault for two of his own. Spinning DDT and Crazy goes for the moonsaults off the three turnbuckles. Guido gets his knees up on the last one, Maritato and Guido comes out on top.


Really good match. The one thing I enjoy about this combination is that they continue to make each match different, throw in new spots etc. I’ve mentioned in the past how Tajiri seems to have a whole host of different ways to put on the ‘Tarantula’ and add another to the list here. You really get to appreciate what a hell of a worker he is with these fancams. Great stuff when Tajiri and Guido agree ‘a pact’, but Tajiri has his finger’s crossed and the only one who doesn’t know is Guido! Cracking Russian legsweep off the middle from Crazy in there too. The result was a surprise as I didn’t expect Tajiri to be eliminated first, and didn’t expect Guido to win. If only Sal hadn’t botched that powerbomb…

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-01-28-ECW-Fort Lauderdale, FL] Little Guido vs Yoshihiro Tajiri vs Super Crazy

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