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[2017-01-06-CMLL] Volador Jr vs Mephisto

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Shout-out to the guy who dabs when the camera cuts to him early in the match. If you like Kevin Dunn-esque quick cuts to the crowd after every move or referee count, CMLL is your wheelhouse. This is a pretty darn good Volador Jr. performance, at times seemingly wrestling himself as Mephisto doesn't do a whole lot. Big raised double underhook facebuster by Mephisto for the quick first fall. There's a nice escalation there when he hits that off the top rope for one of the only decent near falls in the third stanza.


Superkick->backstabber for Volador even things up before we head into the referee-count heavy final caida. Volador is expectedly flying all over the place, and Mephisto's main offense is blocking the aerial attacks and trying for a quick cover. Those don't connect at all as potential finishes, Mephisto is a big dude and doesn't get any kind of sustained offense, which left this lacking a bit for me. Things spice up with a huge crossbody off the top into the crowd by Volador and he escapes Mephisto's feet on the ropes after a powerbomb before hitting a Spanish fly off the top rope for the win. ***1/4

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