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[2000-02-11-ECW-Washington, DC] Super Crazy vs Little Guido


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Crazy has got himself a bit of a haircut. I have been slightly more lenient of the ECW type crowd than Charles up to this point but when Crazy barely botches a rana and they yell You Fucked Up here, I got annoyed. They double down by chanting for tables too. This was an all out sprint for these two as they run through their spots as fast as they can and then Crazy wins and hightails it out of here. **1/4

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They're so focused on the blown rana. I'd be more bothered that these guys only got five minutes on a show I paid to see if I was in that crowd. And yeah, "you fucked up" is probably my least favorite chant in wrestling because it's so entitled. I want a good match as much as anyone and more than most, but I think that crosses a line from wanting to see a great show to being disrespectful to the people trying to give you one who might not do it perfectly sometimes. I do think it rattled Crazy a little because he seemed off his game a little in this one, so maybe it's not that they were "given" five minutes. Maybe they just wanted to get away from these losers. Can't say I blame them.

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Not feeling Crazy's haircut.


Liked Guido reversing out of the second run of 10 punches. Otherwise, this is pretty standard stuff for these guys.


Looking at the full card for this show - I was completely unaware that Pitbull 1 came back to ECW for a bit in 2000. Pretty sure he didn't make TV.

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H.C. Loc is the official for this match which is the first time I’ve noticed him reffing. Guido with the go behind and takedown and he starts paintbrushing Crazy across the back of the head. Fujiwara armbar off a ducked clothesline, and Guido gives it up when he realises Crazy isn’t going to submit. Irish whip, Guido with a leapfrog and Crazy with a huracanrana that he doesn’t quite get all of. Customary ‘you fucked up!’ chant from the dreadful ECW audience. The wrestler’s don’t miss a beat though and Crazy whips Guido into the corner and goes charging in only to be met with a back elbow. When Guido charges back though Crazy catches him with a powerslam. A series of punches in the corner that Crazy goes to repeat in the opposite one, however Guido picks him up and counters with a powerbomb for a two. Crazy takes to the outside, Guido with a pescade but Crazy just steps aside and he crashes to the floor. We then get chants of ‘we want chairs’ and ‘tables, tables’ from this lot. As the two make their way aroung ringside you can clearly hear a fan yell ‘RF video sucks!’ which made me laugh. Crazy misses a reverse crossbody and a ‘fame-asser’ off the middle by Guido for two. ‘Rude Awakening’ neckbreaker and Crazy only just kicks out. Crazy with a clothesline and a Lionsault for a two of his own. Moonsault off the bottom turnbuckle but Guido gets the knees up. Crazy then ducks the lariat, boot to the mid-section and a brainbuster for the three. Crazy doesn’t even celebrate the win, immediately rolling out the ring and heading back to the dressing room.


Disappointing match here. This reminded me of the Tajiri/Crazy/Prodigy three way from Danbury on 1/14 where it felt like the wrestlers were just going through the motions as the fans were more concerned with the fights in the stand as opposed to the wrestling action. Here it was as though the ‘you fucked up!’ chant affected them and they thought ‘why should we bother?’ Crazy not even celebrating after he got the win and heading straight to the back certainly indicates something was up with him. It’s what these fans deserved after their chants and serves them right they only got a five minute match. Talking of chanting, I don’t get why the fans would chant for chairs and tables in a match that involves these two?

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-02-11-ECW-Washington, DC] Super Crazy vs Little Guido

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