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[1981-10-15-Hannover, GER] Axel Dieter vs Bob Della Serra


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Bob "UFO" Della Serra (the UFO nickname coming from his time when he wore a mask) is like Moose Morowski a dude from the canadian scene who has nothing but a handful of 5 minute TV matches available and then probably his longest matches on tape in germany. I know next to nothing about canadian wrestling but if somebody could find tapes of his long arena matches in their garage I'd appreciate that. Bob carried himself like quite the badass. He was Axel's tag partner in this tournament, so this was mostly a clean wrestling contest, altough a pretty tough one with a lot of intensity. The low end grappling early on reminded me of shootstyle as it had the kind of struggle and nifty little touches and leverage fighting I really like, and they do some really intricate work around a neck chancery and hammerlock. Those holds aren't exactly the most fancy but what they did with them was really cool. The bridge up spots (also seen in Yokota/Lioness) are especially impressive for a pair of heavyweights. Axel does some big time selling and Della Serra attempting to bash his skull in in the final round with Vader-like clubbing blows to the head and brutal european uppercuts was something else. Axel really was at his best when he was taking and selling a beating. Really good match for something that could easily have been a friendly throwaway bout.

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You might want to try contacting my good friend Vicious Verne Siebert at http://a1wrestlingvideos.tripod.com/


In real life he's close friends with Rocky Della Serra (Bob's brother) and if anyone would know how to find footage of Bob "UFO" Della Serra it would be Verne. I believe Bob also worked in Portland and New Japan as Karl Steiner.


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Hey, thank you! That's great info. I see there's a few matches of Bob working as Karl Steiner in Portland on YouTube. Should be cool.


Also, in germany, Bob was always announced as being a "strength sports trainer". That may have been true, but one of the weirdest tags I've heard given to a guy to make him seem tougher.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1981-10-15-Hannover, GER] Axel Dieter vs Bob Della Serra

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