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[2000-02-18-ECW-Lacrosse, WI] Steve Corino & Jack Victory vs Sandman & Tommy Dreamer


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This starts out with Corino vs. Dreamer in a singles. I did appreciate Corino setting up the chair to do the spot where he locks on a front face lock and sits down in the chair. Jack Victory comes in and interferes at will as Corino grabs the cowbell. Steve gets cut open with the cowbell and then Dreamer brings out a ladder and delivers some shots to it. Francine ends up interfering taking out Victory and giving him the Bronco Buster. Corino decks her to a lot of heat and asshole chants. All of a sudden Sandman emerges from the top of the entranceway as Enter Sandman fires up. At least during this five minute entrance, Corino and Victory continue to put the boots to Dreamer because why not. This doesn’t make Sandman look like the best friend with how long it takes him to get his ass to the ring including chugging beer. The section with Sandman that is a tag match was pretty generic. Some crowd brawling happened, Sandman hits his somersault from the ladder to Victory on a table that doesn’t break to get the win. The faces celebrate afterwards with beers all around. Again, seeing this travelling circus of ECW with the fancams, this stuff gets a little long in the tooth as we have Corino being jobbed out again and another generic feeling brawl. **1/2

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Had John Cena had more heels like Steve Corino to work with, he never would have been booed. I really liked the Dreamer vs Corino singles match part of this quite a bit. Corino is really good at feeding Dreamer spots, and he gets the crowd really fired up against him. Not a fan at all of him punching Francine squarely in the face. Pretty tasteless, especially when it's only done for about five seconds of heat before Sandman makes his entrance. And yeah, some friend -- Corino and Victory are in the ring doing a number on Dreamer and you're jamming to Metallica in the crowd with your beer and cigarette and soaking in your moment. The match kinda fell off the rails for me from here, although I think Corino is an excellent heel. I wonder if I'd have a different perspective on him being allowed to get the upper hand more if I just focused on TV/PPV. Doing this full entrance is obnoxious and patterned at a level WWE could never hope to be, and sure made Sandman look like even less of a badass. Yeah, I grew to hate this the longer it went because of that.

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Enjoyed Corino dropping AWA references into his promo. "Verne Gagne wasn't hardcore!" Indeed.


Dreamer and Corino had some fun spots (which makes sense since they'd worked together a million times), but then this goes nowhere particularly interesting. No idea why Fonzie is with Dreamer, and I don't think that ever happened on TV. Fun but generic.


The length of this whole thing does explain why the workrate guys were getting 8 minutes with entrances on the undercard, though.

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Corino says how they’re in AWA territory, but the AWA wasn’t hardcore, Verne Gagne wasn’t hardcore, and these people grew up watching people like The Crusher, a bunch of no talent morons! He’s looked down the ECW roster list, has checked in the back and there’s no-one available for Tommy Dreamer to have as his tag team partner as Raven isn’t responsible enough to jump on a plane and there’s no-one else he can count on. He then tells Dreamer that he’s not getting out of this streetfight and he’ll take him on one on one. Dreamer makes his entrance, and as well as Francine, he also has Bill Alfonso with him. Corino cuts a promo on him but you can’t make it all out because Fonzie is chatting with Feinstein at times during it.


When he asks Tommy what he’s going to do, Dreamer slugs him with a right. Knee to the groin and a Cactus clothesline that looks as though it’s in slow motion. Tommy whips him into the guardrails, but as he motions to throw him into the front row, Corino lifts him up and crotches him on the barricade. Back inside and Victory tosses Corino a chair that he sets it up in the middle of the ring. He makes out he’s going to give Dreamer a drop toehold into it, but instead just sits down and slaps on a front chancery. Tommy fights his way out of it and slams Corino head first into the chair. He has Corino in the ‘tree of woe’, when from behind he’s jumped by Victory. Jacko holds him and Corino is about to wallop him with the cowbell when Fonzie gets in the ring and grabs the cowbell himself. Bad move as ‘the King of Old School’ levels him, but that distraction gives Dreamer the opportunity to escape Victory’s grasp. Tommy uses Corino’s cowbell against him and digs it into his forehead busting him open. Dreamer then leaves the ring to head backstage and collect a ladder which he rests in the corner across the top rope and whips Victory into. He’s about to do the same to Corino, however he blocks it and eventually nails him with a superkick. For some reason Corino climbs the turnbuckles but he’s too slow, and Dreamer has him on his shoulders in an electric chair position before dropping him face first on the ladder. Tommy lays the ladder in the middle of the ring, snapmares Corino onto it, only to miss an elbow off the middle and go crashing into it himself. Victory lies Dreamer on a table while Corino climbs the ladder and now Francine is getting involved. Low blow to Victory followed by a bronco buster, but Corino then decks her to some serious boos. He climbs back up the ladder, does the crucifixion pose when Sandman’s music plays and he appears at the back of the building. It then takes him five minutes and ten seconds to get to the ring as he takes a tour of the arena stopping to have several cans of beer along the way. Corino and Victory are intermittently attacking Dreamer in the meantime but this is fucking ridiculous! When he finally makes it to the ring its hard cane shots all around. Dreamer launches Corino over the guardrail into the front row and he takes his opponent on the customary ‘Dreamer walk’ around the building. RF follows them so we miss all that’s going on with Sandman and Victory, although Jacko is now also busted open. Dreamer has Corino back in the ‘tree of woe’ and this time places a chair infront of his face which he dropkicks, before tying him to the ringpost with the cowbell to stop him from going anywhere. They lay Victory on the table and Sandman with a somersault senton off the top of the ladder on to him, although the table doesn’t break. The two of them make the cover together and Dreamer and Sandman get the win. Spike Dudley shows up post-match with a bag of beer and they all drink a brewski whilst ‘Enter Sandman’ plays.


I was unsure how to rate this, but wherever it ends up will solely be down to the Corino/Dreamer section. The lasting memory is that ridiculous fucking mid-match entrance from the Sandman. It’s bad enough when he’d take an eternity on his post-match ‘run in’ saves, but mid-match when your partner/friend is taking a beating? If he doesn’t give a shit about Tommy Dreamer’s well being then why should I? At one point Corino is hanging Dreamer with the cowbell and he’s more concerned with having a drink! Again, five minutes and ten seconds from the first time he appeared at the back of the building to his first involvement in the match! I enjoyed Corino here with his references to the AWA in his opening promo, whilst there are some similar spots that you will see in their CWF match, albeit with a ladder as opposed to a chair. Also something I pointed out in the thread for that match, compare how they work there to here infront of an ECW audience. The Bill Alfonso appearance with Dreamer was especially random.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-02-18-ECW-Lacrosse, WI] Steve Corino & Jack Victory vs Sandman & Tommy Dreamer

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