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[2000-02-20-WCW-Superbrawl] Lex Luger vs Hulk Hogan


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A really weird Hogan promo talking about snapping Liz’s body around. He said he will go to Hollywood and back to defeat Luger. I guess Hulk didn’t get the memo that he can only be called the Total Package now. Match was alright but nothing spectacular. Hogan does live up to his promise of using some underhanded techniques including his cast. Liz and Jimmy Hart both get involved. Hogan wins to no surprise. After the match, Flair attacks and they beat up Hogan until Sting comes out and clears house with a baseball bat. I think this may have been the first time we have seen Sting since Mayhem. Crowd pops for Sting. Madden won’t shut up. **1/4


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Watching Hogan's pre-match promo and hearing the guys talked about and featured makes me laugh in how completely out of touch it is with where wrestling was at this point. WCW really was the ultimate nostalgia fed at this point. This does feel like a WWA or Heroes of Wrestling pay-per-view or something. Hogan doesn't even pretend to favor his "broken" arm. I guess this action isn't any better or worse than it would have been three years earlier when this feud was red hot, but WCW is so ice cold by this point that it just permeates everything. The heat does pick up in a big way when Luger starts teasing the rack and Hogan Hulks up. And I'm sorry, but an 8-minute pay-per-view main event is kind of a ripoff, especially one as non-descript as this, even if it does have a post-match angle that features the return of Sting.

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Man, oh man... how much 2000 WCW did you guys (I want to say "you poor bastards") have to watch in putting this project together? You would think that this should feel huge: Hogan pins Luger clean, Flair comes in to sneak-attack Hogan, Sting makes the save. How does that sequence end up feeling empty? The bloom was really off the rose by this point, wasn't it? I sure hope you poor bastards turned up a hidden/forgotten WCW gem or two to make up for having to sit through empty nostalgia like this. I am glad I got to see it, though. It was... educational.

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Pre-match interview with Gene Okerlund, Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart. Hogan has his arm in plaster after Lex Luger ‘broke’ it on Monday night, and Okerlund wonders how he can go into a match of this magnitude with a broken arm? Hogan says some people wait all their lives for a break in their careers, well this is the break he’s been looking for. Lex Luger has been on a tear in WCW but tonight, with Jimmy Hart as is his witness, he’s going to get payback and his revenge. If he can get Miss Elizabeth in there he’s going to snap her little body and force feed her down Luger’s throat! (nice bit of man on woman violence there from the Hulkster!)


Luger jumps Hogan as he slides into the ring. A shoulder charge takes him down, he then misses a big elbow drop. Hogan with an eye rake and a back scratch as Tony Schiavone wonders what persona we’re going to see. A couple of elbow drops, but instead of covering the Package he starts choking him. Hogan tosses him to the floor and again starts to choke him, this time with his shirt, before cracking him over the back with a chair. Irish whip sees Luger go chest first into the turnbuckle, Hogan charges in after him but is met with a back elbow. He starts to put the boots to him and a right sends Hulk tumbling through the ropes to the outside. Hogan blocks a punch with his cast and starts using it as a weapon (including ramming Lex’s head repeatedly into it). Liz nails the Hulkster in the back with the baseball bat and he leaves the ring to stalk her around ringside. Lex with a double axe handle then Hulk reverses an Irish whip into the guard rail. Liz is about to hit him again with the bat when out runs Jimmy Hart to snatch it off her. Lex with a suplex and he signals for the rack not realising that Hogan is already back to his feet. He ‘hulks up’, a grazing big boot and he then gets Hart to throw him his leather weightlifting belt. Lex with a low blow and he picks up the bat himself. Irish whip, Hulk reverses and Hart hits Luger in the back with his cast knocking him down. Hogan with the leg drop and it’s all over. He whips Lex with the belt a couple of times post-match before getting jumped by Ric Flair. Jimmy Hart is in to try and help and nails Luger with his cast, but he’s quickly overmatched. They double team the Hulkster and are about to break his other arm when Sting runs out for the save and clears the ring.


Okay match. Not the typical Hogan formulaic match as he was in the ascendancy far more than what you would expect with him. I liked the use of the cast as a weapon and he was a lot more aggressive than usual (as alluded to in his pre-match interview), but some of his offense does look bad. No idea why Luger would ‘break’ Hogan’s arm on Nitro and then not once try to attack it in the match. Surely that would be your main strategy? Crowd were more excited at seeing Sting in the run in than at any point during the match itself.

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