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[2000-02-20-WCW-Superbrawl] Sid vs Scott Hall vs Jeff Jarrett


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Where exactly is Slapnuts country? A lot of drama as to who was behind a door. I did have a quick look at the rest of this card and it looks absolutely putrid so even though this main event stuff isn’t that exciting, I guess in retrospect it looks that way. Hall and Jarrett battle each other before Sid even comes out. Buffer is thrown for a loop and has to consult his notes. Sid gets outsmarted by Hall as soon as he enters because of course he does. The match is an absolute mess with Jarrett decking referees until Mark Johnson comes out. Remember last month when we had a classic main event up until the finish? Heat is non existent when Johnson refuses to count Hall’s pinfall. Guitar gets smashed over Hall’s head. All of a sudden, Roddy Piper shows up in a referee shirt and a huge arm injury from the looks of it. Piper pokes Jarrett in the eyes. Sis chokeslams Jarrett and powerbombs Hall for the win. Tony quickly gets us off the air as time was running short. This was complete shit. *

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Wow. This was awful. Russo wasn't even around anymore, and they still chose to book a tribute to him. Awful awful awful. A match full of booking booking booking. What a disaster disaster disaster of a pay-per-view. Soup recapped what happened and I have nothing to add. Scott Hall was done in WCW after this. Good for him, even if his life did sadly go to shit. It says it all that the crowd clearly has no idea what's going on in WCW when Sid's music starts and they don't pop until they see him because they don't even seem to know what the main event is. Come see WCW on Ice at an arena near you.

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Just complete trash. How many referees were there in this match? I think it may have been 6. It's surprising that Russo didn't book this since it looks like it has his fingerprints all over it. I'm not sure what they were trying to accomplish here. The only positive is that the title didn't switch hands for the 5th time already this year.

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No DQ match for the World title with the Harris twins in Jeff Jarrett’s corner. Jarrett rushes Hall before Sid even makes it to the ring and they have a nice little opening, including a great fallaway slam from Hall. Sid with a couple of lame clotheslines to Jarrett and Hall before decking the Harris’. Cool low blow to Jarrett as he comes off the top with a double axe handle. The twins post Sid and he proceeds to lie there like he’s been shot whilst Jarrett puts the boots to Hall. Jarrett and he exchange sleepers, then Hall ducks out the way of a clothesline and Jarrett nails referee Billy Silverman (this looked bad). Sid with a double chokeslam, Nick Patrick rushes out and into the ring to count the fall. Sid covers both, Patrick starts, stops, starts again and makes a complete hash, while I think the Harris’s pull Jarrett fom the ring and Sid kicks out. Jarrett KO’s Sid with the belt, but he kicks out of the pin at the last moment. Jarrett and Patrick start arguing amongst each other, Jeff shoves him, Patrick shoves him back, Jarrett then stumbles backwards and Hall schoolboys him for another near fall. Jarrett with ‘the Stroke’ on Patrick (huh? You need the official to count the fall Jeff) and out runs Charles Robinson. Jarrett’s head gets accidentally rammed into a chair that was being held by one of the twins but meant for Sid. Instead of going for the pin on him, Sid heads out the ring to get at one of the brothers. Hall makes the cover and drapes an arm over Jarrett who kicks out at two. Jarrett blocks the Razor’s Edge then a ‘stroke’ on Robinson. Another official (Mickey Jay) and another stroke, when out comes Mark Johnson, who who Mark Madden says is an ally of Jeff Jarrett and someone who is not averse to taking a bribe (great heel ref in what is already a no DQ match!). Razor’s Edge and Johnson feigns a shoulder injury so he can’t count the three. Jarrett breaks a guitar over Hall’s head and now here’s Roddy Piper walking fown the aisle in a ref’s shirt. Jarrett covers Hall and Johnson has to count slowly in order to give Piper the time to get in the ring and stop him making that count (when has a heel ref ‘ever’ slow counted?). Piper slugs Johnson, pokes Jarrett in the eyes, Sid with a chokeslam on him, a powerbomb on Hall and he retains the World title.


Cornette would’ve been proud with all the ref bumps in this one! Absolutely atrocious. Sid was woeful and there are logic holes galore in the match. Just dreadful.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-02-20-WCW-Superbrawl] Sid vs Scott Hall vs Jeff Jarrett

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