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[2017-01-28-WWE-NXT Takeover: San Antonio] Andrade 'Cien' Almas vs Roderick Strong


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This was the best looking match on the card & it was very good. Both guys looked the best they have since joining NXT - Almas was very solid working the heat on Roddy, Roddy's selling was pretty great, I have always loved his selling, he brings true sense of exhaustion every time he is the one selling, I just love it. And every time he was on the offense, it was just a joy to watch. He delivers some of the best looking offense in wrestling today. Very nice match. ***1/2

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Man, comparing Almas' strikes in this match to his strikes in his debut against Tye Dillinger is night and day. He was laying it in so much more, and Roddy was also responding in kind.


It's a shame that this match was just kind of there, while every other match had more of a story and build to them. Still, for what it's worth, it was a very pleasant watch.

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Man, is this the hardest hitting match in NXT history? Roddy puts so much energy into everything - grappling, kicking out, etc - that it adds a nice touch of realism. Both guys are sweating profusely from the action. Roddy drops Almas on the corner ropes as a backbreaker. Good smart reversals too. This is really where the selling happened at the end - it was each guy's exhaustion vs. holding his arm or whatever. Roddy looked downright spry, amazing conditioning (as usual). Roddy taking the lariat and then rolling across the ring back to the corner was probably the one blemish for me, admittedly nitpicking. Fantastic stuff ***3/4

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  • GSR changed the title to [2017-01-28-WWE-NXT Takeover: San Antonio] Andrade 'Cien' Almas vs Roderick Strong

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