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[2017-01-29-WWE-Royal Rumble] Charlotte Flair vs Bayley


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Awesome match! Both Charlotte & Bayley were absolutely on point here - Charlotte working the heat on Bayley was wonderful, loved the trash talk, and her work on top was overall very good. Bayley's selling was good. She is such an awesome babyface wrestler. That Macho Elbow was very nice. All in all, this was some very solid rasslin! ***1/2

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I thought Charlotte once again looked like a great heel that is dominant in her character and abilities even though the matches over reach and have some botches. The finish here really was excellent as the sudden type finish that is presented like a true KO to the match and still leaves Bayley looking relatively strong. ***1/2

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I thought it was interesting that early in the match they do this really weak shoving match sequence, like some kind of homage to shitty divas matches from 1999. Charlotte is terrific here, She covers for Bayley's rana flub through the ropes and then takes the big crossbody off the turnbuckle. Her transition with slamming Bayley's head on the outside of the ring and then kicking her into the steps - wonderful. Right into a great control segment. I never felt charlotte was in danger here, Bayley just hadn't done enough, but the crowd still bought into her kickouts -a testament to her underdog character. Loved the ending too. ***1/4

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  • GSR changed the title to [2017-01-29-WWE-Royal Rumble] Charlotte Flair vs Bayley

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