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[2000-02-24-WWF-Smackdown] HHH & X-Pac & Road Dogg vs Too Cool & Rikishi


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X-Pac interrupting the worm gets him major heat. This is the DX pairing I like the best as Gunn to me has been the worst of all of the NAO tags. We don’t get Road Dogg’s entrance babyface pandering either which is a bonus. Rikishi is still over as hell even with an injured wheel. Really good action to set up the heat with HHH clipping Rikishi and him being the FIP. I liked that Scotty gets the revenge by doing the worm on X-Pac. HHH is able to get a chairshot on Rikishi’s leg further injuring it. Sexay has his goggle legdrop but X-Pac is able to move Road Dogg out of the way and steal a win with an X-Factor. The legal man went out the window here but as a match this was excellent and still made Rikishi look like a big threat. ***

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This short-lived DX remix between the original and the Run-DMC version I don't remember at all. I assumed the issue on Raw was that the Dome echo was just making it sound different. Really fun sprint, with Rikishi getting the hot tag, only to be cut off quickly as the heels work over his taped up ankle. I enjoyed Scotty 2 Hotty coming to his friend's rescue when he sees HHH and X-Pac going for Rikishi's ankle on the steps outside the ring and taking it right to HHH. This was all under 10 minutes, but they got a lot of good stuff into this, and managed to get both HHH and Rikishi more over in how they did it. Excellent. ***

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-02-24-WWF-Smackdown] HHH & X-Pac & Road Dogg vs Too Cool & Rikishi

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