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[2000-02-26-MPPW-TV] Ali & Jimmy Valiant & Derrick King vs Seven & Havok & Brandon Baxter


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I enjoyed this way too much. You had King and Ali both looking really good as a team and doing tandem moves and slingshot planchas to the outside. You are also able to get the comedy aspects of the match with Valiant and Baxter going after each other. Finish is nice with King pinning Baxter before Mo from Men on a Mission and someone else I don’t recognize beat up King. A big brawl results as Dave and Corey sign us off. **3/4

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This was a super fun match for how they mixed and matched the talent. Everyone had a clear role that they didn't overstep, and as a result, everything clicked really well in a way where I think the match was way better than it had any right to be considering the level of a lot of the talent involved. Good mix of comedy, action and heat seeking. Fun studio wrestling. ***

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A Jimmy Valiant match in 2000. Why not? He wasn't in much so it's ok. The heels weren't very good especially Havok. Ali and especially Derrick King were good enough to hold this together. Fun tv match with Derrick doing dives and Brandon baxter taking a beating. Sir Mo returns and beats down Derrick and Ali. This leads to one of my favorite Power Pro angles, General Koko B ware.

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This match was made at the start of the TV show. Jimmy Valiant arrives at the studio in a white limo and heads in to the building where he makes his way around the audience, including kissing one black lady who appeared to be trying to push him off and certainly didn’t want to be kissed! Brandon Baxter is out and tells him he’s the match maker of Power Pro wrestling, he doesn’t want him here and he’s kicking him out of the studios right now. He calls for security to remove him, when out comes Randy Hales. Hales informs Baxter that he fed-exed him yesterday, and as of today he’s no longer the match maker, he is! He then makes the six-man tag match for the main event of his first show.


Ali and Seven start things off and a clothesline takes Seven off his feet. Spinebuster and he plants him to the canvas with a chokeslam. Ali with a cover and Havok is in to make the save. He goes to drop an elbow on him, however Ali moves and hits Seven instead. Not one to learn his lesson he does it twice more and there’s dissension in the camp early. King with an axe handle off the top to Havok, headscissors, followed by one for Seven and a pair of superkicks to both. They step outside to regroup, but Ali with a press slam on King and he throws him out onto them. Ali with the pescado. King with a Frankensteiner that Seven blocks and turns into a powerbomb. Double press slam from Havok and Seven where they drop King face first to the canvas. Havok with a Splash Mountain and he gives up on the cover to tag in Baxter for the first time. Stunner for a two, DDT, he then misses a kneedrop off the middle and King tags in ‘Handsome’ Jimmy. Big elbow drop, Seven breaks up the pin and now everyone is in there. Ali unloads on Seven and throws him to the floor leaving King and Baxter all alone. Baxter wraps a chain around his fist, but King ducks out the way, slugs him and he drops it. Irish whip from Baxter, King leap frogs over him, boot to the mid-section and a facebuster for the win. Two big black dudes (one of whom is Mo from Men on a Mission) jump King after the match and the show goes off the air with them fighting Ali and Valiant.


Enjoyable TV main event and I’m tempted to say Baxter was the best worker on the heel side. I do have a problem with a guy who’s a manager being competitive with the wrestlers (and the Young Guns champion at that), looking competent and better than his charges. Nice Splash Mountain from Havok and Valiant’s involvement being kept to a minimum is always a plus! Good stuff.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-02-26-MPPW-TV] Ali & Jimmy Valiant & Derrick King vs Seven & Havok & Brandon Baxter

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