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[2000-02-26-OVW-TV] Rico Constantino & Damaja vs Rip Rogers & Jason Lee


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I like that Jason Lee’s first cousin is Derrick King. Guess the blonde hair of both should have given away their relation. Rico hits a really nice looking somersault legdrop from 2 Colds move set. I think I like this type of OVW action better than the tip top main event stuff. We still get a ref bump which seems to happen in every single match and Conway counts the pinfall which makes me roll my eyes. Still, up until the finish this was worked in a Memphis tv style and Cornette wasn’t completely overselling everything. **1/4

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Short match, but a bit subdued and Cornette wasn't quite as grating as he has been recently even though I still think he could take it down another notch and also let the other announcer talk more. Short match but good action. Can we get one competitive match without funny business? OVW booking and presentation really sucks so far, even when the matches aren't half bad.

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Rogers needs to lose the T-shirt while Lee’s got a look of Chris Candido about him. He and Damaja open up and work well together. Double flapjack and a double nip up. Rico with a somersault leg drop for a two. Rogers throws Damaja to the outside and then distracts the referee to allow Lee to get some cheap shots in, it doesn’t work though as Damaja gets the first shots in on Lee. Sunset flip and Rip is in to break up the pin. Rico with a slam on Lee and he goes for a big splash but Lee gets his knees up. Elbow off the middle for a two. Lee telegraphs a backdrop, Rico kicks him in the chest and he’s able to make the tag. Damaja with a flapjack, but he flapjacks him right into the referee. Damaja and Lee go at it in the corner, Rico tries to wake up the official when he gets blindsided by Rogers who knocks him out with some brass knux. Rogers makes the cover and Rob Conway slides into the ring, counts the three, raises Rip’s hand and the bell rings to signify the end of the match.


Huh? There’s always been an abundance of officials around for previous matches and now we’ve a wrestler counting pins and declaring matches over? Including the Conway/Dinsmore house show footage, that’s six matches for the month, four have featured ref bumps and all six have had some sort of outside interference. Rico and Damaja didn’t look like a bad team, but by now you’re conditioned and waiting for that ref bump and outside interference.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-02-26-OVW-TV] Rico Constantino & Damaja vs Rip Rogers & Jason Lee

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