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NWA Lutte Internationale February 1985


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February 1st, 1985

Centre Paul-Sauvé, Montréal


-Moondog Spot beat Rip Oliver (w/Sherri Martel) in 13:13


-Rocky Johnson beat Bob Sweetan (w/Sherri Martel) in 13:38


-Nick Bockwinkel squashed Moondog Rex in 4:39


-Dennis Condrey (w/Jim Cornette) beat Richard "Le Magnifique" Charland (w/Frenchy Martin) in 17:30


-NWA World 6-Men Tag Team Champion Keith Hart fight Alexis Smirnoff to a double countout at 4:56. Smirnoff beat up outside Hart after the match by ramming his head on the ring post and then spat on the Canadian flag that Keith Hart brought with him at ringside, as well as draping him with the Soviet flag.


Submission Match: Nord the Barbarian (w/Eddy "The Brain" Creatchman) upsets Jack Brisco in 29:21 after Creatchman used his cane to knock out Jack Brisco. Nord locked Jack in the Camel Clutch but being unconscious and unable to respond, referee Luigi Macera called for the bell.


Triangle Match: NWA World Tag Team Champion Jacques Rougeau beat Jerry Brisco & Mil Mascaras in 64:55. Jerry Brisco first eliminated Mil Mascaras with the Oklahoma Roll at the 40-minute mark and then, Jacques Rougeau eliminated Jerry Brisco with a sunset flip to get the win.

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NWA Lutte Internationale TV

Taped at CHLT-TV Studios, Sherbrooke, QC

February 2nd, 1985




(After the opening credits, we go to the broadcast booth as we’re about to start this week’s show.)


Guy Hauray: Hello, wrestling fans, and welcome to NWA Lutte Internationale TV. We’re gonna start this show first and foremost by wishing our representatives good luck in the IWGP Tag Festival in Japan this month and we’re confident they’re gonna do very well. But this week, we have a jampacked show as our feature match will be pit NWA World Tag Team Champion Raymond Rougeau against Nick Bockwinkel and we’ll show you a bit later how this came about. Also, we’ll have Jacques Rougeau in action as he was supposed to take on Dino Bravo this week but however, for an undisclosed reason, Bravo isn’t here this week. But we’re in luck because none other than Bob Backlund has stepped up and he is returning from injury, for the first time since his classic encounter with Ric Flair at Starrcade.


Édouard Carpentier: This is Backlund’s opportunity to bounce back from that heartbreaking loss and turn over a new leaf. I believe that Backlund is gonna show a lot of confidence and we’re in for a dandy of a match.


Guy Hauray: No doubt about it and ---


(Guy & Édouard are interrupted by Eddy “The Brain” Creatchman, who’s making his way to the broadcast booth with his crown jewel Samu, and his newest protégé, Fatu.)


Guy Hauray: Eddy Creatchman, what the hell are you doing here???


Eddy Creatchman: M’as vous le dire, ce que je fais icitte. Chus pus capable de vous entendre parler des maudits Rougeau. Ça me lève le cœur d’entendre le nom de ces p’tits maudits-là. On va parler de vrais gars. Des vrais hommes. Vous connaissez déjà Samu pis astheure, vous apprenez à connaître Fatu. Ma Samoan SWAT Team. J’ai pas besoin de vous faire un portrait de ce que Samu peut faire tout seul mais lui pis moi, on va faire de Fatu une vraie bête. Fatu va être aussi bon que Samu, j’peux vous le garantir!


(Translation : I’ll tell you what I’m doing here. I can’t stand listening to you talk about those damn Rougeaus. I’m getting sick hearing about those snot-punked kids. Let’s talk about real guys. Real men. You already know Samu and you’re getting to know Fatu. My Samoan SWAT Team. I don’t need to make you a résumé of Samu’s singles accomplishement but he and I will make a real beast out of Fatu. Fatu will be as good as Samu, I can assure you of that!)


Guy Hauray: So, Eddy, I’m now assuming that you’re throwing the names of Samu & Fatu in the race for Rick Martel & Gino Brito’s tag team titles?


Eddy Creatchman: Certain que je le fais. Pis j’ai les chevaux gagnants. Mais vous connaissez le p’tit Martel; y va tout faire pour nous éviter. Y va se trouver 56 000 excuses pour pas affronter Samu pis Fatu. Samu est passé à 2 doigts de battre Martel à Starrcade. 2 DOIGTS. Martel pensait en avoir fini avec Samu mais tant que y aura une ceinture autour de la taille, yé pas question de lâcher le morceau. J’ai promis que ma famille allait régner à Montréal pis je dormirai pas jusqu’à ce que ç’arrive.


(Translation : I most certainly do. And I have the top horses. But you know little Ricky: he’ll do everything to avoid us. He’ll find countless excuses to not face Samu and Fatu. Samu was inches away from beating Martel at Starrcade. INCHES. Martel thought he was done with Samu but as long as he’ll have a belt around his waist, no way we’re slowing down. I promised that my family would reign over Montreal and I won’t sleep until this happens.)


Guy Hauray: And what are you gonna do about Alexis Smirnoff’s actions on Rick Martel lately?


Eddy Creatchman: Tout ce que je veux de Smirnoff, c’est qu’il nous laisse juste un p’tit bout de Martel. On va se charger du reste! ON VA AVOIR TA PEAU, MARTEL! PROMESSE DU BRAIN! HAHAHAHA!


(Translation : All I want from Smirnoff is that he leaves a bit of Martel for us. We’ll take care of the rest. WE’RE GONNA GET YOU, MARTEL! GUARANTEE OF THE BRAIN! HAHAHAHA!)


(Eddy Creatchman leaves the set with the Samoan SWAT Team.)


Guy Hauray: Well, looks like Martel isn’t done with Samu or The Brain, for that matter.


Édouard Carpentier: When you’re a dual champion like Rick Martel is, this is to be expected. Martel is the top draw in the territory and a marked man. Anybody could get the best out of Martel but who knows when it’s gonna happen.


Guy Hauray: Before we got to our first contest, we’ll take you to some footage shot earlier today as Nick Bockwinkel arrived to the arena.




(We see Nick Bockwinkel arriving at the studios for the taping and grabbing his gear in the trunk of his car.)




(Bockwinkel turns around and sees Raymond Rougeau coming from the other side of the parking lot.)


Nick Bockwinkel: Well, hello to you too, Raymond. How is your day going?


Raymond Rougeau: Don’t start with me, Nick. Where were you last week when my brother was getting beaten down by The Sensationals and Alexis Smirnoff?


Nick Bockwinkel: Come on, Raymond, you’re a smart kid. I left the building after I was finished with my interview. Why would I stick around if I had better things to do?


Raymond Rougeau: For someone who has a beef with how Sherri Martel is doing her business, you didn’t do much to teach her a lesson when they attack my brother!


Nick Bockwinkel: I believe that you should be taught a few things, young man. First and foremost, it’s always best to know when it’s time to pick a fight and when you should mind your own business. It looks to me like you’re trying to pick a fight with me because you’re not minding your own business.


Raymond Rougeau: When someone attacks my friends and my family, it becomes my own business. And when I know that something could’ve been done, you’re part of the problem. Nick Bockwinkel, you’re part of the problem.


Nick Bockwinkel: Oh, is that so? I’ll tell you what, young man. Why don’t you get your gear and let me show you how I handle my problems. We’re gonna go in this studio right there and I’m gonna teach you a wrestling clinic you won’t soon forget. And at the end of the day, I hope you’ll be smart enough to not do that same mistake again. You deal with your own business and let me handle mine. I’ll see you later.


(Nick Bockwinkel closes the trunk of his car and leaves to enter the studio.)


Guy Hauray: So, in our main event this week, Raymond Rougeau squares off with Nick Bockwinkel but when we come back, Dory Funk Jr is in action!


********COMMERCIAL BREAK**********


Match #1

Gilles Poisson vs Dory Funk Jr


Gilles Poisson is a veteran on the wrestling scene but still is no match with Dory Funk Jr, who has more experience than Poisson. The former NWA World Heavyweight Champion is showing why he’s still one of the most formidable wrestlers in the world throughout the entire match. Sensing that he needs to change the momentum in this match, Poisson decides to take things outside. However, the crafty veteran sees him coming a mile away and it’s Poisson who’s gonna end up shoulder first in the ring post. Poisson crumbles on the floor and Funk gets back in the ring. Referee Luigi Macera counts out Poisson, unable to return in time and clutching at his shoulder.


Winner: Dory Funk Jr by countout





Ric Flair © vs Jack Brisco


Alexis Smirnoff & Dory Funk Jr vs Bruiser Brody & Stan “The Lariat” Hansen


Samu vs Mil Mascaras


Jerry Brisco vs Rip Oliver



Match #2

Jacques Rougeau vs Bob Backlund


Before the match starts, Jacques & Backlund shake hands. The broadcast team reminds us that Bob Backlund is subbing in for Dino Bravo, who isn’t here this week for an undisclosed reason. Jacques Rougeau uses Backlund’ ring rust to his advantage as Backlund struggles with Jacques’ speed. But obviously, Jacques is still dealing with some neck and throat issues, following Alexis Smirnoff’s attack on him last week. And that comes into play when Jacques botched a neckbreaker and landed neck first on the mat. Backlund spent the rest of the match softening up Jacques and setting him up for the Crossface Chicken Wing. Eventually, Backlund decides to go for the Atomic Drop but Rougeau flipped behind Backlund and nailed a beautiful dropkick in Backlund’s back, allowing him to recover a bit. The end of the match came as Jacques set up Backlund for a bulldog but Backlund countered with his famous Atomic Drop to get the pinfall victory. Once again, after the match, both Jacques & Backlund shook hands in sign of respect.


Winner: Bob Backlund


*******COMMERCIAL BREAK*********


Guy Hauray: Before we go to our main event, we received word that Rick Martel will be here next week and will address the situation between himself, Alexis Smirnoff and Nick Bockwinkel.


Édouard Carpentier: I think he couldn’t have chosen a better time to return, especially with what we’ve witnessed in the past 2 weeks. I’m sure that the champion has a lot of things on his mind and I’m most definitely convinced that both Smirnoff & Bockwinkel will be watching this with great interest.


Guy Hauray: They sure will but in the meantime, we’re ready for our main event, so let’s get to it!



Match #3

Raymond Rougeau vs Nick Bockwinkel


The broadcast team reminds the audience about their prior altercation in the parking lot earlier today. Raymond shows no sign of intimidation towards the former World Heavyweight Champion Nick Bockwinkel. While he doesn’t have the same amount of experience than Bockwinkel does, Raymond is able to stand toe-to-toe with Bockwinkel and can match every one of his attacks. Once again, mid-way through the match, Sherri Martel saunters her way to the broadcast booth but doesn’t say a word. And obviously, this distracts Bockwinkel because he uncharacteristically does mistakes he usually doesn’t do. Luckily for him, his veteran wrestling acumen saves him from defeat at multiple occasions. The end of the match comes as Bockwinkel is finally able to lock in his sleeper hold but Sherri Martel makes a step forward. Immediately, Bockwinkel relinquishes the hold and starts shouting something at Sherri, who doesn’t budge and looks dead serious. After a few moments, Bockwinkel turns around but is greeted by a small package from Raymond and the elder Rougeau gets the victory! Rougeau quickly retreats outside the ring as Bockwinkel barely realizes what just happened. Bockwinkel stands up and looks around but Sherri has seemingly disappeared backstage again. At the same time, Alexis Smirnoff sneaks behind Bockwinkel and nails him with the chain, just like he did with Jacques Rougeau last week! Smirnoff gives Bockwinkel the same treatment he gave Jacques as the crowd is chanting for Rick Martel but the champion is of course nowhere to be found. It’s gonna take almost the whole referee crew to stop Smirnoff. The show ends in a similar way it ended the week before: Smirnoff draping Bockwinkel with the Soviet flag and celebrating over him.


Winner: Raymond Rougeau





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February 2nd, 1985

Forum de Montréal




Mini event taking place in the theatre portion of the Montreal Forum


-The Samoan SWAT Team (Samu & Fatu, w/Eddy "The Brain" Creatchman) beat Frenchy's Legion (Richard Charland & NWA International TV Champion Mad Dog Lefebvre, w/Frenchy Martin) in 17:04 when Fatu used Eddy Creatchman's cane on Richard Charland behing the referee's back.


-The Sensationals (Rip Oliver & Bob Sweetan, w/Sherri Martel) beat The Brisco Brothers in 13:53

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February 3rd, 1985

Centre Paul-Sauvé, Montréal


-Baron Von Raschke & NWA International TV Champion Mad Dog Lefebvre beat The Moondogs in 15:54


Lumberjack Match: The Midnight Express (w/Jim Cornette) beat Bob Backlund (subbing for Dino Bravo) & Richard "Le Magnifique" Charland (w/Frenchy Martin) in 73:09. At the end of the match, Charland left Backlund alone to fend off The Midnight Express. Some lumberjacks even escorted Charland backstage!

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Love the "local guys" vs. "living legends" theme of that TV show. Legend wins - Legend wins - Local guy wins is the perfect way to book that, too.



I agree. This is the perfect way to run Lutte. The French Canadians are used to most of your roster and by keeping them strong against people like Bockwinkle and Backlund gives the promotion some credibility. Also very interested to see where this Sherri-Bockwinkle goes. Is Bockwinkle going to be a babyface? He seems to be feuding with both Babyfaces (Rougue) and Heels (Sherri)

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February 8th, 1985

Owen Sound, ON


Special Attraction: Badd Company (AWA) beat The Fantastics (Mid-Atlantic) in 16:10


-Mil Mascaras beat Dennis Condrey (w/Jim Cornette) in 11:05


-Jack Brisco beat Baron Von Raschke in 11:51


Cane on a Pole Match - Once a participant in the match retrieves Eddy Creatchman's cane on the pole, he can legally use it in the match: Jerry Brisco beat Fatu (w/Eddy "The Brain" Creatchman) in 33:15


NWA International TV Championship: Mad Dog Lefebvre (w/Frenchy Martin) beat NWA World 6-Man Tag Team Champion Bruce Hart in 88:07 to retain

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NWA Lutte Internationale TV

Taped at CHLT-TV Studios, Sherbrooke, QC

February 9th, 1985





(After the opening credits, we go to the broadcast booth as Guy Hauray & Édouard Carpentier are ready to kick off this week’s show)


Guy Hauray: Hello, wrestling fans, and welcome to this week’s edition of Lutte Internationale TV. To say that it has been an eventful last 2 weeks is an understatement. Alexis Smirnoff has done nothing but wreak havoc on the roster in hopes to get another shot at Rick Martel’s NWA International Heavyweight Championship, Eddie.


Édouard Carpentier: 2 weeks ago, Smirnoff took his anger out on Jacques Rougeau and last week, it was on Nick Bockwinkel himself. I personally believe that Rick Martel got Smirnoff’s message loud and clear.


Guy Hauray: Only thing left to know is if Smirnoff will be granted that rematch against the champion –Wait, we might not have to wait too long because here comes the champ!


(The studio crowd erupts as Rick Martel walks on the set in street clothes, with both of his NWA International Heavyweight & Tag Team title belts on his shoulders)


Guy Hauray: Well, Rick, we knew you would be here since you’re scheduled for tag team action this week but I think that this would be a good time for you to address what went down in the past couple of weeks.


Rick Martel: Merci, Guy, mais d’abord, je dois vous annoncer que malheureusement, pour des raisons familiales, mon ami et partenaire Gino Brito est pas ici cette semaine pour se joindre à moi alors je crois que malheureusement, je pourrai pas me battre devant vous aujourd’hui.


Translation : Thanks, Guy, but first, I must announce that unfortunately, for family emergency reasons, my friend and tag team partner Gino Brito isn’t here this week to join me so I believe that unfortunately, I won’t be able to compete in front of you this week.


(The crowd is obviously disappointed upon hearing this.)


Rick Martel: Par contre, c’est vrai messieurs qu’y s’est passé pas mal de choses dans les 2 dernières semaines pis j’ai vu ce qu’Alexis Smirnoff a fait à Jacques Rougeau pis Nick Bockwinkel. Smirnoff, mon maudit traître, si t’étais un homme, tout ce que t’aurais à faire, c’est de me demander un combat revanche. Mais à la place, t’essaies plutôt de blesser tes adversaires pis mes amis en voulant prouver la supériorité de ton « pays ». Si tu voulais mon attention, mon gars, ben tu l’as! Pis tout ce que j’ai à rajouter, c’est ---


Translation : However, it’s true gentlemen that a lot of things went on in the past 2 weeks and I saw what Alexis Smirnoff did to Jacques Rougeau and Nick Bockwinkel. Smirnoff, you traitor, if you were a man, all you’d had to do is to ask for a rematch. But instead, you’re trying to injure your opponents and my friends in wanting to prove the superiority of your “country”. Ifyou wanted my attention, man, now you got it! And I’ll add is ---


(Then, Eddy “The Brain” Creatchman saunters on the set with his massive Zambuie Express behind him)


Eddy Creatchman: Comme d’habitude, Martel, tu fais rien que brailler quand les choses vont pas à ton goût. Compte-toé chanceux que c’était pas mes Zambuie Express qui sont tombés sur le p’tit maudit Rougeau pis Nick Bockwinkel parce que je peux te garantir que tu serais même pas icitte pour te faire aller la trappe! On aurait fini la job, contrairement à Smirnoff, qui s’est montré très généreux en s’arrêtant au bon moment! Comme d’habitude, tu mens comme tu respires, Martel. C’est pas parce que Gino Brito est pas là que tu veux pas te battre, c’est que t’as la chienne. Tu fais dans tes culottes juste à penser à l’idée de te retrouver dans le ring avec mes boys. Tu le sais que t’as aucune chance, peu importe qui c’est qui va être assez fou pour monter dans le ring avec toé!


Translation : As usual, Martel, you’re crying & whining when things don’t go your way. Consider yourself lucky that it wasn’t my Zambuie Express who got their hands on that damn Rougeau and Nick Bockwinkel beause I can guarantee you that you wouldn’t even be here to be yapping about it! We would’ve finished the job, contrarily to Smirnoff, who was kind enough to stop at the right moment! As usual, you’re lying through your teeth, Martel. You don’t wanna fight not because Gino Brito isn’t here, you don’t wanna fight because you’re scared. You’re crapping your pants only thinking about being in the ring with my boys. You know that you got no chance, no matter who’s insane enough to step into the ring by your side!


(The crowd gets excited as all of a sudden, Nick Bockwinkel joins the set and interrupts The Brain)


Nick Bockwinkel: I’m sorry, gentlemen, I thought I heard my name so I just wanted to be sure that my ears weren’t deceiving me. Mister Creatchman, did you imply that one of your gentlemen – and I’ll use the term loosely here – standing behind you would’ve put me out of commission permanently if they had attacked me instead of Alexis Smirnoff?


Eddy Creatchman: You heard what I said, Bockwinkel!


Nick Bockwinkel: Well, allow me to correct some facts here. First of all, I will agree with the champion to my right that yes, Alexis Smirnoff is a coward and if he had stood face-to-face with me, I can assure you that the end result would’ve been entirely different. I have the utmost respect for you, Rick, and every single accomplishment of yours during your career. It is now very obvious that you and I now have a common enemy in Alexis Smirnoff and, make no mistake about it, I have my eye on what is on your shoulder right now (tapping on the NWA International Heavyweight title belt of Martel) but I also know that for us to give this audience what they want, we need each other at the best of our abilities. Now, while we can’t do this today, what we can do now is to teach a lesson to Mr. Creatchman right over here and take him up on his offer. So, what do you say, champ?


Rick Martel: So, I guess that I’ll be wrestling this week after all!


(Martel and Bockwinkel shake hands, as a seething Creatchman is watching this. Creatchman orders his troops to back away as both teams leave in their respective direction.)


Guy Hauray: How about that, Eddie? We will see both Rick Martel & Nick Bockwinkel in action this week!


Édouard Carpentier: A dream team if there ever was one. As big and massive as the Zambuie Express are, I can only imagine how much pressure Elijah Akeem & Kareem Muhammad have on them this week. That’s gonna be one helluva main event this week.


Guy Hauray: It’s gonna be a very special show this week as this also marks the final TV appearance of the Brisco Brothers, who’ll be retiring tomorrow night in Fort Erie, Ontario. More on that later today. But when we come back, singles action to kick us off!


*******COMMERCIAL BREAK*********


Match #1

Sting vs Nord the Barbarian (w/Eddy “The Brain” Creatchman)


The fans in attendance are watching two young wolves battling out. The broadcast team hypes up Sting going overseas in March to New Japan for the Young Lions Cup. They also discuss about Sting being recently attacked by now former Lutte roster member Dino Bravo, who took his place against Magnum TA last week. Sting shows a lot of heart and speed and the crowd solidly rallies behind him. But it’s hard at first for the Stinger to gain any traction as Nord the Barbarian & Eddy Creatchman multiply the shenanigans behind the referee’s back. But eventually, Nord makes one mistake too many as after whipping Sting into a corner, he charges but Sting moves out of the way and Nord knocks himself loopy on the top turnbuckle. All Sting has to do is to rollup Nord to capture a much important victory for him!


Winner: Sting


*******COMMERCIAL BREAK**********


Match #2


The Brisco Brothers vs The Fantastics (Mid-Atlantic)


The fans in attendance showed a tremendous amount of respect for the Briscos’ final appearance on Lutte Internationale TV, and so did their opposition, the Fantastics. The broadcast team hypes the fact that the audience and people watching at home are looking at two former NWA World Tag Team Champions duking it out one final time. A beautiful contest in which science & experience clash with youth & speed. The Briscos show a bit of an aggressive side as they use somewhat questionable tactics to gain the advantage early but the Fantastics are able to match the Briscos move for move at every turn, which makes for quite the classic. Eventually, the Briscos regain the advantage one last time after the Fantastics miscalculated a Rocket Launcher, allowing Jack Brisco to then lock in a Figure-Four Leglock on Bobby Fulton, who had badly landed on his knee. Postmatch, the Briscos show some great sportsmanship, helping Fulton back on his feet and shaking hand once again with the Fantastics. The Briscos salute the studio audience one last time before retreating backstage.


Winners: The Brisco Brothers


*********COMMERCIAL BREAK***********


(Back from the break, Guy Hauray & Édouard Carpentier are standing in front of the booth before the main event to discuss tomorrow night’s big event as the Brisco Brothers retirement show.)


Guy Hauray: Before we get to our main event, if you are in the Fort Erie area tomorrow, we hope that you’ll be able to make it there because this will be your very last chance to see Jack & Jerry Brisco in action as they’ll be retiring after tomorrow’s show and one of them could retire as World Heavyweight Champion, Eddie.


Édouard Carpentier: The ultimate accomplishment. Very few have been able to retire as World Heavyweight Champion. Jack Brisco could walk into the footsteps of Verne Gagne and retire tomorrow as NWA World Heavyweight Champion if he can beat “Nature Boy” Ric Flair in Fort Erie. What a night this will be.


Guy Hauray: And we’ve pulled off all the stops as also there on the Briscos’ farewell show, Stan “The Lariat” Hansen, Bruiser Brody & Mil Mascaras will all be wrestling there as well. Here is the complete final card for those who will be attending the show:





Ric Flair © vs Jack Brisco


Alexis Smirnoff & Dory Funk Jr vs Bruiser Brody & Stan “The Lariat” Hansen


Samu vs Mil Mascaras


Jerry Brisco vs Rip Oliver

The Zambuie Express vs The Sensationals

NWA World 6-Man Tag Team Champion Bruce Hart vs Randy Rose

Bobby Fulton vs The Spoiler

Steve Strong vs Tommy Rogers




Match #3

The Zambuie Express (w/Eddy “The Brain” Creatchman) vs NWA International Heavyweight & Tag Team Champion Rick Martel & Nick Bockwinkel


Lots of excitement for this main event as while Eddy Creatchman shares his final instructions to his protégés, the broadcast team are wondering if Rick Martel & Nick Bockwinkel will be able to gel together, taking into account that Martel is mostly used to tag with his regular tag team partner Gino Brito. Martel starts first and is able to have the upper hand early in the contest, making frequent tags with Nick Bockwinkel and it turns out that they surprisingly work well together. And, as expected, it takes one use of the cane by Eddy Creatchman for the tide to turn. That allowed the Zambuie Express to work on Martel’s back, who took the brunt of the fall when Martel fell outside. Obviously, the massive weight advantage of the Zambuie Express is playing in their favour as they can neutralize the champion rather easily in the following minutes. However, the momentum changed when Akeem & Muhammad misfire of a Martel sandwich gets costly as Martel dodges and both Creatchman Family members collide together. Martel is able to crawl to his corner and tag in Bockwinkel! Bockwinkel is on fire as he trades fists with both Akeem & Muhammad. Bockwinkel does struggle a bit to fend off both Zambuie Express members but once Martel has recovered, they start double-teaming them and referee Adrien Desbois quickly loses control of the situation. Eddy Creatchman seizes the opportunity and tries to interject himself by striking Bockwinkel with his cane! However, Bockwinkel blocks Creatchman’s cane shot and The Brain is now in trouble. In the meantime, since Adrien Desbois saw Creatchman’s actions, he calls for the bell and awards the match to Rick Martel & Nick Bockwinkel by disqualification! With Akeem & Muhammad tied up in the ropes, Creatchman has no one to defend him! However, Alexis Smirnoff charges the ring in an attempt to jump on Bockwinkel but Rick Martel intercepts Smirnoff and tackles him on the mat. Crowd goes nuts as Martel unloads on Smirnoff while Bockwinkel sends Creatchman flying outside with a right hand! Smirnoff tries to escape but Bockwinkel turns around and prevents him from doing so. Finally, Martel and Bockwinkel clothesline Smirnoff over the top rope on to the floor. The show concludes with Rick Martel & Nick Bockwinkel standing tall in the ring as Alexis Smirnoff is fuming outside the ring, trying to recover from his missed ambush.


Winners: Rick Martel & Nick Bockwinkel by DQ






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February 9th, 1985

Owen Sound, ON


-Jerry Brisco beat Richard "Le Magnifique" Charland (w/Frenchy Martin) in 6:47


-Bob Backlund beat NWA World 6-Men Tag Team Champion Bruce Hart in 10:50


-The Missing Link beat Dennis Condrey (w/Jim Cornette) in 10:38


-Jack Brisco beat Alexis Smirnoff in 8:38


-Nord the Barbarian (w/Eddy "The Brain" Creatchman) beat UFO (Frenchy Martin under a mask) in 9:08


-Sheik Ali (w/Eddy "The Brain" Creatchman) beat Rip Oliver (w/Sherri Martel) in 14:33


-The Fantastics beat The Sensationals (Terry Taylor & Billy Robinson, w/Sherri Martel) in 19:56


Special Attraction Main Event: AWA World Tag Team Champions The Road Warriors beat The Samoan SWAT Team (Samu & Fatu, w/ Eddy "The Brain" Creatchman) in a non-title match in 15:48

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Really looking forward to the card in Fort Erie. I also enjoy how well you are working with other promotions. The Road Warriors as a Special attraction is a great gift to the fans of Lutte but how does the NWA office feel about you pushing the AWA champs? Makes me think there might be something coming down the Road?

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February 10th, 1985

Brisco Brothers Farewell Show

Fort Erie, ON


-Tommy Rogers beat Steve Strong in 13:01


-The Spoiler beat Bobby Fulton in 13:47


-NWA World 6-Man Tag Team Champion Bruce Hart beat Randy Rose (w/Jim Cornette) in 7:36


-The Sensationals (Billy Robinson & Terry Taylor, w/Sherri Martel) beat The Zambuie Express (w/Eddy "The Brain" Creatchman) in 10:52


-Jerry Brisco beat Rip Oliver (w/Sherri Martel) in 13:19


Special Attraction #1: Mil Mascaras beat Samu (w/Eddy "The Brain" Creatchman) in 13:47


Special Attraction #2: Stan Hansen & Bruiser Brody beat Alexis Smirnoff & Dory Funk Jr in 19:52


NWA World Heavyweight Championship: Ric Flair beat Jack Brisco in 42:47 to retain. After the match, Flair and Jack Brisco shook hands in respect. During the match, Bob Sweetan from The Sensationals tried to interfere but Jerry Brisco came out to neutralize him. The Briscos left the ring with a standing ovation to close the show.

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February 15th, 1985

Copps Coliseum, Hamilton, ON


-The Sensationals (Bob Sweetan & Rip Oliver, w/Sherri Martel) beat The Midnight Express (w/Jim Cornette) in 9:37


-Fatu (w/Eddy "The Brain" Creatchman) beat Gilles Poisson in 2:59


-NWA World Tag Team Champion Raymond Rougeau beat Terry Taylor (w/Sherri Martel) in 12:33


-Bob Backlund beat Sheik Ali (w/Eddy "The Brain" Creatchman) in 2:39


-Samu (w/Eddy "The Brain" Creatchman) beat Afa in 8:41


Falls Count Anywhere: Dory Funk Jr beat Tonga Kid in 19:11


Steel Cage Match: The Missing Link beat Nord the Barbarian (w/Eddy "The Brain" Creatchman) in 30:32


NWA International TV Championship: Gino Brito beat Mad Dog Lefebvre (w/Frenchy Martin) in 77:27 to win the title - TITLE CHANGE

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NWA Lutte Internationale TV

Taped at CHLT-TV Studios, Sherbrooke, QC

Broadcasted February 16th, 1985




(After the opening credits, we go to the broadcast booth as Guy Hauray & Édouard Carpentier are waiting to start the show.)


Guy Hauray: Hello, everyone, and welcome to NWA Lutte Internationale TV. As we begin this week’s show, history was made last night in Hamilton, Ontario as Gino Brito regained the NWA International TV Championship from Mad Dog Lefebvre in a gruelling affair. This makes now Gino Brito the only 2-time champion in the territory since its return. And it also means that right now, Rick Martel & Gino Brito hold all the gold in NWA Lutte Internationale.


Édouard Carpentier: This truly is stating how dominant and efficient have Rick Martel & Gino Brito have been in NWA Lutte Internationale, in singles and in tag team competition. However, this can pose a certain challenge for both men as one off night can mean losing either their singles or tag team championship. And if they’re both off in a tag team match, this can spell huge trouble for them. Nevertheless, the target only grew on their back tenfold with Gino’s title win last night.


Guy Hauray: Congratulations again to Gino Brito for his title win but this week, some exciting action in store for you as in our main event, Bob Backlund will square off against the unpredictable Missing Link. We should also have some words about the whole Sensationals/Nick Bockwinkel situation as both parties are here this week, in action. With that said, let’s get to the ring for our first match!


Match #1

The Sensationals (Bob Sweetan & Rip Oliver, w/Sherri Martel) vs Tito Senza & Serge Jodoin


The new main team of the Sensationals is doing pretty well together as they’re showing some dominance early against Tito Senza & Serge Jodoin. Sweetan & Oliver frequently tag in & out and don’t let many opportunities to the enhancement talent duo. Sweetan ends things early with the piledriver on Tito Senza to get the victory.


Winners: Bob Sweetan & Rip Oliver


After the match, The Sensationals are going to the broadcast booth to join Édouard Carpentier for an interview.


Édouard Carpentier: Sherri, congratulations on leading your team to another victory this week. Especially after a huge win last night over the Midnight Express in Hamilton, a team that many consider the top threat to the Rougeau Brothers’ NWA World Tag Team titles.


Sherri Martel: That’s right, old man, you’re seeing right here the best tag team in NWA Lutte Internationale at the moment. It didn’t take long for them to be assert themselves as a dominant force in the division as they proved it in the past 2 days. And soon enough, The Sensationals will get all of the gold. Because when Bob Sweetan & Rip Oliver will win the NWA World Tag Team Championship, when Terry Taylor will become the NWA International TV Championship and when Billy Robinson will beat Rick Martel tomorrow night in Acton Vale for the NWA International Heavyweight Championship, we will be the absolute best entity in the sport. And now, there will be no reason for Nick Bockwinkel to deny me of what I want. If this is what it takes for Nick Bockwinkel to join us, this is what we’ll do.


Édouard Carpentier: So, this is about Nick Bockwinkel again, isn’t it? You’re not without knowing that tonight in Parry Sound, Ontario, Nick Bockwinkel is facing Ric Flair for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship? And what appeal do you have for him if he successfully beats Ric Flair and become the new World Heavyweight Champion?


Sherri Martel: You won’t need to worry about this because this won’t happen anytime soon. Sooner or later, Bockwinkel will realize that he NEEDS me to be a World Heavyweight Champion again. Nick Bockwinkel is a great wrestler but I am the X-factor that will make sure of it. And like a petulant child that needs to be taught a lesson, this is what I’ll do. I can play the waiting game with Bockwinkel as long as I wish. Trust me, Mr. Bockwinkel will come around...And tomorrow night, mark my words, Billy Robinson will become the NWA International Heavyweight Champion. Rick Martel, your days as dual champion are numbered!


(The Sensationals leave the broadcast booth and retreat backstage)


Guy Hauray: Eddie, I think you might’ve struck a chord with Sherri Martel when you mentioned that big match for Nick Bockwinkel tonight against Ric Flair in Parry Sound.


Édouard Carpentier: She tried to hide it as much as she could but it’s clearly still bothering it. I don’t know if all of she said will turn out to be true but what matters is that Sherri Martel will have much less leverage on Bockwinkel if he beats Ric Flair tonight for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship.


Guy Hauray: And we will ask Nick Bockwinkel about this because not only he’ll be in action after the break but we’ll also speak to him as well!




Match #2

Gilles Poisson vs Nick Bockwinkel


Once again, the broadcast team hypes tonight’s match between Bockwinkel and Ric Flair in Brampton, Ontario. Bockwinkel is still focused though on the task at hand as he puts on a clinic against a crafty veteran in Gilles “The Fish” Poisson. Despite a valiant effort on the part of Poisson, Nick Bockwinkel puts him away with the sleeper hold in about 5 minutes to score the victory.


Winner: Nick Bockwinkel


Like his predecessors before the commercial break, Nick Bockwinkel heads to the broadcast booth to join Édouard Carpentier for an interview.


Édouard Carpentier: Nick Bockwinkel, congratulations for your victory this week as for the second week in a row, you’re successful inside the ring. We will speak about last week among other things in just a few moments but tonight is a huge night for you in Brampton, Ontario as it will be your first chance at becoming a World Heavyweight Champion one more time when you square off against the best wrestler in the world at the moment, NWA World Heavyweight Champion “Nature Boy” Ric Flair.


Nick Bockwinkel: Thank you for those kind words, Mr. Carpentier. As a former NWA World Heavyweight Champion yourself, you know how much this title means in this business and there’s nothing I would like more than to add to my already eloquent résumé the most prestigious title there is in the world of professional wrestling. Not only, this is for the heavyweight championship of the world but it’s also a dream match for many, many wrestling fans around the world. People have been arguing for many years now; which one between Ric Flair and Nick Bockwinkel is the best wrestler in the world. Tonight, there will be a definite answer to this question and I fully intend to make sure that I, Nick Bockwinkel, am the correct answer to that question. I don’t need to tell Ric Flair that I’ll be ready for him because he already knows that. What I’m hopeful for is that Ric Flair doesn’t look past me and look beyond me the next night in Acton Vale versus Dory Funk on Sunday night. Fans, be ready.


Édouard Carpentier: We spoke to Sherri Martel earlier in the show and she claims that you can’t beat Ric Flair tonight without her help. Do you have a response for her?


Nick Bockwinkel: I sure do but I’ll refrain myself from making it an elaborate one because you still have some great wrestling coming up in a few moments. But all I’ll say is this: when I was the AWA World Heavyweight Champion or the AWA World Tag Team Champion with Ric Flair’s fellow 24-Karat member Ray Stevens, I had Bobby Heenan as my manager but Bobby himself wasn’t foolish to think that I couldn’t win anything without him. He was a fantastic advisor and I have the utmost respect in the world for him. But right now, Miss Martel is getting ahead of herself if she truly believes that she holds my destiny in her hands. Make no mistake about it, Sherri; Nick Bockwinkel never needed anybody to be a world champion and this will not change any time soon. I don’t know if she’s trying to convince herself or something but I must assure you that she’s dead wrong. And she’ll find that out tonight.


Édouard Carpentier: Should you beat Ric Flair tonight, are you still targeting Rick Martel’s NWA International Heavyweight Championship? And what about Alexis Smirnoff? He could be gunning for your two titles if you win them both.


Nick Bockwinkel: Well, it’s no secret that I also respect Rick Martel and as you saw last week, we’re getting along very well but we’re also two great competitors at heart and if Rick Martel is a dual champion, I can’t see why I couldn’t be a dual champion myself. Only I would be holding the two most prestigious titles in the National Wrestling Alliance at the same time. But that’s besides the point. And as for Alexis Smirnoff, I’m not worried about him in the slightest. Actually, I expect him to focus on me, regardless of the result. But make no mistake about it, Mr. Carpentier, I won’t let Smirnoff take that chance away from me. For both titles. Tonight is just the beginning, sir...


(Nick Bockwinkel retreats to the back as Guy Hauray welcomes Édouard Carpentier back to the booth)


Guy Hauray: Sounds like Nick Bockwinkel is confident in becoming the new NWA World Heavyweight Champion tonight!


Édouard Carpentier: Well, to be honest, I’ve never seen Bockwinkel not being confident so it’s no surprise to me that he feels confident enough to win the NWA World Heavyweight Championship tonight in Parry Sound. But nevertheless, this will be a classic encounter tonight and fans will be in for a treat.


Guy Hauray: That’s for sure! When we come back, our main event!





Match #3

Bob Backlund vs The Missing Link


Quite the contrast in style as classic wrestling meets total unpredictability. Both commentators hype how Bob Backlund seems to be back 100% after the gruelling match he had with Ric Flair at Starrcade and all of the fallout that ensued. While the Link is showing some respect towards Backlund, he still doesn’t hold back on him and dishes out everything he can. Then, midway through the match, Alexis Smirnoff comes out and stations himself near the broadcast booth. Guy & Édouard mention that Smirnoff is facing Backlund tomorrow night in Acton Vale, Quebec and this could have an incidence on who’d be next in line for the NWA International Heavyweight Championship. Oddly enough, it seems like Link is more distracted and Smirnoff clearly indicates to the Link that he’s not here for him. As for Backlund, he barely notices the presence of Smirnoff as the match progresses. Eventually, Smirnoff proves to be costly without him doing anything as Link went for the Final Solution but Backlund dodged and rolled up Link for the flash victory! Smirnoff doesn’t waste any time and charges the ring to attack Backlund, even shoving Link to the side! Smirnoff pummels Backlund as the referee tries to stop him, to no avail! A completely disoriented Backlund is now prone to more aggression from Smirnoff and the communist traitor has now his chain wrapped around the throat of Backlund! Just like a few weeks ago, like the fate that suffered Jacques Rougeau and Nick Bockwinkel, Alexis Smirnoff has choked out Bob Backlund and draped him with the Soviet flag! The crowd heavily boos as the show nears to an end, with the broadcast team wondering how can Bob Backlund be able to wrestle Alexis Smirnoff tomorrow night!


Winner: Bob Backlund





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February 16th, 1985

Parry Sound, ON


-The Wild Samoans beat Steve Strong & Sheik Ali (w/Samu & Eddy "The Brain" Creatchman) in 9:52


-The Fantastics beat The Midnight Express (w/Jim Cornette) in 7:52


-Nord the Barbarian (w/Eddy "The Brain" Creatchman) beat Baron Von Raschke in 10:49


Guest Referee - Édouard Carpentier: Chicky Starr beat Carlos Colon in 6:46 after Chicky used the ropes for leverage


-Alexis Smirnoff beat Terry Taylor (w/Sherri Martel) in 11:29


Submission Match: NWA World Tag Team Champion Jacques Rougeau beat Mad Dog Lefebvre (w/Frenchy Martin) in 18:40


NWA World Heavyweight Championship: Ric Flair beat Nick Bockwinkel in 49:51 to retain after a distraction from Sherri Martel

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I enjoy reading your promotion as I learn more and more about what wrestling in Montreal was all about. I admit that I am not familiar with all of your lower and mid card guys but that makes it fun for me but what is making Lutte soamazing is the sharing between you and Patrick. I mean you have Flair, Bockwikle, Martel and Backlund all in the same place. These are 4 of the biggest names in the business and on any given night you guys could shock the World with a new Top Dog and it would all make sense. Great Job!

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