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[2000-02-27-WWF-No Way Out] The Rock vs Big Show


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Show still complaining and showing footage. The match itself was pretty generic. Not awful but not very good either and had some eye rolling and overblown 2000 tropes like the crowd brawling and what not. Rock looks like he has things in control when Shane McMahon returns and whacks him with a chair giving Big Show the win. I am sure that was a big upset at the time but it does feel like a moment where WWF overly complicated things to get the desired result of having the McMahon in every corner gimmick at WrestleMania. **1/2


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Based on some of the bumps we've seen Big Show take so far in 2000, I have to ask how he's still walking in 2017, much less in great shape. I'm focusing mainly on the one from the crowd over the guard rail on the floor. This was a weird match because I liked the action and thought Show looked great, even if he was wrestling a bit too even just like he did with HHH in January, but the heat only picked up when Rock was in control. This has been the second match tonight where the referee hasn't cleared the ring when a weapon has been brought in, which is ridiculous. They also give Show a visual fall, a staple of 80s WWF booking of heels. Shane McMahon makes a triumphant return, only to screw Rock and give Big Show the win. So at this moment, Big Show is going to Wrestlemania and The Rock is not.

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