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[1985-12-13-Houston Wrestling] Butch Reed vs Dick Slater (No DQ)


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This is a no DQ match. This is a pretty famous feud in Mid-South. Butch just punishing Slater with big soup bones. Big guard rail toss by Butch. You've got to remember, Butch just got out of the neck brace caused by Slater. Slater focusing on Reed's neck on the heat. Then posts the arm. Slater is disecting that arm of Reed's. Slater is just wrecking the arm. Stomping the arm. Reed reverses Slater and posts him. It's comeback time and fists are flying. In a great revenge spot he posts Slater's arm. He rams it into the corner. Reed runs into a knee, and is stopped cold. Slater runs into a Reed punch, and Reed maintains his attack. The crowd is 100% with Reed. At this point they got the crowd right where they need it. Slater takes out the ref. He then begins wear out Reed with some knuckle dusters. The ref is out. @nd ref in, 1st ref is back. Reed is a bloody mess. Officials are out. Great post match with Slater 3 3/4*

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I liked this a lot better than when I watched it on the Mid-South set and said it was the worst match on the set. There is some really great stuff in this match, with Reed just kicking Slater's ass at the start and then Slater getting control and just destroying Reed's arm. The problem though is that once Reed starts his comeback he pretty much never sells the arm again and is able to do all his offense including a press slam with no problem. I still don't love the finish of what is essentially a DQ in a No DQ match but it does make a least some sense when we get the full post match with Tommy Gilbert saying that No DQ meant Slater & Reed could do whatever they wanted to each other but didn't include Slater attacking him.

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I'm wondering if the match on the set is a different version, and that is why you didn't like it as much? It seemed to me that about 6 minutes into the match, the commentator and announcer in the building state that the match has been going on for 15 minutes. I didn't notice the clip, but it leads me to believe that the version on the set is probably clipped and likely the version on the NWA site is not clipped. I could be wrong, but that's a guess...

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  • GSR changed the title to [1985-12-13-Houston Wrestling] Butch Reed vs Dick Slater (No DQ)

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