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[2017-02-06-WWE-Raw] Roman Reigns vs Samoa Joe


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Reigns was my most awaited main roster opponent for Joe, and I thought that their first meeting truly delivered. Physical, Joe looked fantastic when he was working the heat on Reigns w/ his killer offense, and Reigns did some really great selling, and I loved every hope spots of his, and the big comeback towards the end was great, too. These 2 have a classic ****1/2+ PPV match in them. ****

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I don't think that, right now, there is anyone better at making other people look like credible threats than Roman. Did it with the Wyatts (twice), did it with Balor, did it with Strowman multiple times, and now with Joe.


Instantly made Joe look like a huge badass and a sure fire main eventer, at least for this year. It was a very good decision to not burn this match with a clean finish, too.

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Not seeing the hype on this one. Joe's beatdown was pretty pedestrian, too many shots that obviously missed, Reigns is willing to sell and bump to put someone over but he could only do so much. Transition watch: a Back Elbow from a rope running counter that worked due to the threat of Reigns' Jumping Clothesline (validated by him using it later in the match) and a simple irish whip counter. They did a pretty good job of building up signature spots in a manner that was used to be pretty common a few years ago using delayed gratification (ie. Reigns goes for a Samoan Drop, Joe reverses avoids it, runs the ropes, Reigns goes for the Samoan Drop again, Joe fights off>Reigns puts him down and Uppercuts him, leaving the Samoan Drop for Joe to use as a pop up counter for the Facewash) and that, Reigns' performance in general and a quality distraction finish entertained me well enough. **3/4

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  • GSR changed the title to [2017-02-06-WWE-Raw] Roman Reigns vs Samoa Joe

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