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[2017-02-07-WWE-205 Live] TJP vs Jack Gallagher vs Mustafa Ali vs Cedric Alexander vs Noam Dar

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This match was great! It was, to me, a very good blend of WCW multi-man fuckery with lots of highspots, and of WWE produced drama, with a bit more storytelling.


There were some few stories coming into the match: Mustafa Ali's spot at first belonged to Tony Nese, who got injured days prior. As such, Ali had a match in that same day against Daivari to determine who would get that final spot in the match, and there was doubt if he could have enough gas to go through two matches in the same day.


Noam Dar and Cedric, still feuding, had some pretty heated exchanges in the ring, and costed each other the chance of facing Neville at Fastlane.


However, the highlight was Gallagher, Not only he had some fun spots like diving with his umbrella, but also kept selling the leg throughout the match, which was a key point against the other last man in the ring, TJP, whose finisher is a leglock. With some great selling, the drama was intensified to great effect, and with a hot crowd, his win felt so good.


Rating: 4 1/4 *

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This is a really good main event. Glad it was elimination because when they say "Fatal 5-way", fatal (I thought) always implied first fall. So I'm glad they could actually do some logical booking. I liked Ali coming in from the earlier match in the show and the finish with him missing his move and hurting his elbow only to immediately tap to TJP was very good. Prior to that Dar was out and came back to crotch Cedric (one heckuva crotching I guess), which eventually led to him going out. Gallagher does sell pretty well here, good finish with the delayed headbutt and conclusive win over TJP . ***1/2

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