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[2000-03-02-WWF-Smackdown] Edge & Christian vs Road Dogg & X-Pac


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We see a quick clip of HHH booting Billy Gunn from DX on Raw. I continually hate Road Dogg going through his pre match stuff every time. WWF in 2000 has been so solid that this may honestly be the most consistently annoying thing happening in the promotion. Terri comes out to join us. I don’t know why/how she became this great sought after manager. I did like the action here and think Road Dogg and Pac are more fresh as a tag than NAO were. This shows how deep the division was at this time as we have had two solidly entertaining tag matches on this episode so far and haven’t seen arguably the two most over teams in the Dudleys and Hardys. E&C continue to be better faces than I remembered as they head towards their heel turn. Terri slaps Edge and gives him a mouth full as X-Pac hits a low blow and X Factor on Christian for the win. **1/4

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The second (already obvious) false DX breakup angle of the year? Already? Yeah, they were really scrambling for something to do with the Outlaws at this point, especially when they had two new tag teams emerging that were much hotter, and a third, who they're facing in this match, that would be at that level soon enough. The match is mechanically better with X-Pac than it would be with Billy Gunn, but Waltman is so stale that I'm not sure it matters. This is a solid TV tag though, and I like that Edge works FIP instead of Christian to change things up. Terri Runnels and Tori are baggage that sort of distract from this rather than adding to it. Call it sympathy pains for Jericho being saddled with Chyna. As much as some things were admittedly lost when the WWF lost their sense of obligation to find something for everyone to do, some things were also gained.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-03-02-WWF-Smackdown] Edge & Christian vs Road Dogg & X-Pac

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