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[2000-03-04-OVW-TV] Rob Conway vs Bull Buchanan


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When does Bull come up to the main promotion? He is at Mania less than a month later but still has the long hair coming out of the back here. This was moving along better than most OVW matches with some good athleticism from Bull and Cornette being restrained. Sure enough as we go to the final section, Cornette starts yelling at the top of his lungs and of all the lame ass finishes in OVW, this one was the lamest as Dinsmore pays of the ref and he just DQ’s Bull. Big schmozz for the finish of the show with referees fighting and who can give the fuck about any of this. OVW is really filmed at this time like an advertisement for the house show but without any build that is engaging to get there. I can understand having a hook for the house show that is upcoming but every episode feels like a patience test of how much bullshit you can sit through to decide to drive down and plop down more money for the house show. **

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Cornette is talking about ‘The Collector’ on commentary, who was on a previous segment, and he’s apparently here to collect money that Bolin Services claims it is due. ‘The Collector’ being Sylvester Terkay in case anyone didn’t know. Phil Fair is the official for the match and I’m already fearing the worst and that there will be some sort of shenanigans. Conway can’t match power with Buchanan so tries to use his speed. Bull misses an elbow in the corner and Conway with some rapid fire boots to the mid-section. A smart looking suplex from Bull, elbow drop, he then springs to the top rope, comes off with a double sledge, but Conway nails him with a right to the gut. He rams Buchanan’s head into successive turnbuckles, climbs the ropes and is about to start punching him in the corner when Bull picks him up and drops him with a reverse atomic drop. Nice headscissors from him, he then takes an eternity climbing the turnbuckles and Conway is able to fall into the ropes and Bull crotches himself. Conway is not in control for long and Bull with a shoddy looking Booker T style axe kick. Sideslam, head butt and he chokes Conway over the ropes. Irish whip, but as he comes charging in, Conway nails him with a big right. A series of rights and a back elbow finally drops him. Conway with a scoop slam and now Nick Dinsmore is out. He shakes hands with Fair, giving him some money in the process. Conway goes for a ‘Torture Rack’, Bull with a weakly applied side headlock as Conway is trying to lift him up, and the referee calls for the bell. Conway raises his hand, but Fair goes over to Bull’s and raises his claiming Conway submitted. Yup, the referee was paid off! Conway slugs Fair after the match and then Dinsmore attacks him. Oh great, here comes Robert Brisco and we’ve got the referees fighting again! Flash and The Damaja are next out and we’ve got a ringful, with the show going off the air just after Flash piledrives Damaja on a chair.


New month, same old OVW. Without question this is my least favourite stuff to watch in the project. Didn’t rate this at all and Cornette’s incessant shouting from start to finish doesn’t help either. I don’t want to drop anything from my viewing for this, but if things don’t pick up, that’s what will be happening to OVW.

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The wrestling was fine but my god that finish. Who would want to go to a house show when the top babyface ref is fighting toe to toe with one of the lead heels? It just makes Flash look bad and while watching this, I was waiting for the bullshit finish and it finally happened. It's like Cornette and Russo were battling to see who can book the worst finishes. At least with Russo, the refs didn't influence every match. OVW is by far the worst promotion in 2000 so far.

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