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[2017-02-04-Stardom] Io Shirai vs Konami


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This match starts off with some slick matwork but then the intensity picks up when Konami hits a cheap highkick on Io when they are in the ropes. Obviously, this pisses Io off. Once she recovers she's firing right back while getting in her own cheapshots along the way. Io's over aggression does get the better of her which allows for Konami to get a leglock to slow Io down. The leg attacks force Io to get crafty and that ends up paying off as she catches Konami with a rollup for the win. Pretty good short match. ***1/2

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Io Shirai vs. Konami

This was a great little encounter. Konami gave Io no time to breathe; she was relentless, like a red-headed wolverine, and Io was scrambling to find any opening she could get, relying on craft. This hearkened back to Io's white belt reign where she mostly worked underneath and let her opponent call the shots, and it feels unique because of it. Io even sold limb damage! God bless. I'd love to see what they could do with more time and a stronger finish. ****

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  • GSR changed the title to [2017-02-04-Stardom] Io Shirai vs Konami

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