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[2000-03-05-AAA-Rey de Reyes] Abismo Negro vs Cibernetico vs El Alebrije vs Charly Manson


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The Rey De Reyes graphic looks like a King of the Ring reject. Albrije Mini gets launched to the outside by Abismo Negro in a brutal move. Charly Manson’s character is oddly bizarre and he has a good bit of charisma to him that makes him one to watch. Negro gives a huge splash mountain to Manson to eliminate him early on. That is a bummer. Albrije’s second is interfering at will and almost allows Cibernetico to be pinned but Cibernetico thwarts that off and ends up gaining the submission. This leaves Negro vs. Cibernetico to work the lions share of the match overall. Halfway through, our shit buddy Tiger Steele comes out tossing something to the crowd and gets in the ring. How fucking awful is the officiating in AAA. This allows the match to be given to Negro because he gets attacked. If I was Cibernetico, I would be pissed. Antonio Pena comes out and is yelling at Steele but why they decided to put all of this heat on him, I will never know. Steele takes out Pena’s henchman then beats up Pena. The crowd does seem pissed at this as trash starts to come down. All the tecnicos are trying to get to the ring from the back. Cibernetico says something to Steele and he attacks him. He almost unmasks him and now everyone is beating up Steele. What the fuck is going on here. Pena gets attacked again going to the back and its straight mayhem out there. This is the second biggest AAA show of the year and they have made a mockery of it with this cheapness. I could accept this building to a show like this but this is the blowoff. IN addition, the characters just aren’t as engaging and the action doesn’t feel as frantic as their CMLL counterparts. We cut back to the ring with Tirantes explaining Negro as the winner. This was a shame as the action in the beginning was setting up to be hot and interesting but the overbooking got in the way. Negro gets crowned Rey De Reyes on a technicality and it feels so cheap. **1/4

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An overbooked mess with brief moments of fun from Mini Abismo Negro and Charly Manson. The definition of a match that couldn't get out of its own way because the booking was so overdone, and there is no such thing as a match made better by a Tiger Steele run-in. The work itself was good when they were left alone to work a match, then the booking kicked in and this completely fell apart, which is a shame.

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This started alright with Alebrije and Cujie bringing the comedy. Then it falls apart after he gets eliminated. This was before Charly Manson's injury so he still had potential. Tiger Steele walks out throwing tortillas and just looks so lost. He attacks everyone including the ref and Antonio Pena. Pena is at his tecnico promoter peak as he gets attacked by Killer and another masked guy. Really bad booking here.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-03-05-AAA-Rey de Reyes] Abismo Negro vs Cibernetico vs El Alebrije vs Charly Manson

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