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[2017-02-13-WWE-Raw] Charlotte Flair vs Bayley


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This actually reminded me of the Bayley/Sasha classic from Brooklyn when it comes to the structure of the match. Charlotte's work on top was superb, really vicious work over Bayley's neck, and Bayley was excellent (as usual) as the fiery babyface. Fantastic match, if we get a better TV match this year, we're in for a treat. ****1/4

EDIT: goddamn botched the title. Meant to put RAW, not Royal Rumble lol.

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HOLY SHIT!!! Just watched this! MATCH OF THE FUCKING YEAR SO FAR!!! I put up with moonsault after moonsault on a standing opponent and 90% of the time it looks like shit! THAT WAS FUCKING AWESOME!


One of those matches where you don't realize you are watching a classic until 3/4s in and they are taking you on that ride.


I loved the beginning with Charlotte trying to psyche out BAyley but taking a wicked slap. The transition to the heat segment was fantastic seen it before but that was well executed.


The stiffness in this match was insane! Charlotte was laying her SHIT in. Her chops usually look awkward here they were BRUTAL!!! The neck work was great. That kick on the outside and DAT MOONSAULT!!!! The collision on the cross body WOW! Both these girls FUCKING WANT IT!


Up until this point, BAyley kinda felt along for the ride. When it counted the most, she turned it the Fuck on during her comeback. Most times she looks like she is going through the motions...here you saw the drive in those legs, just that extra bit of urgency that makes you believe this is the most important thing in the world right now.


On that comeback no "THIS IS AWESOME", the crowd cared about the outcome & wrestlers! Because the match was built around consequence and momentum shifts!


The best use of run-ins in forever! Total nuclear heat! The figure-4s down the stretch were great. I loved how the Sasha taking out Dana and then jabbing Charlotte hard led right to BAyley 2 Belly!


The nearfalls BUILT and had heat! Moves had real consequence. There were sustained periods of momentum where people had to earn their way on top. That finish run was electric. AWESOME MATCH!!! ****3/4

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2/13/17 WWE Charlotte vs Bayley 41/4*

Liking Charlotte in control. Bayley with some fun hope spots. We get a comeback from Bayley. Crowd is really into this. Charlotte hurts Bayley's neck. I'm liking the story here. Charlotte has targeted the neck. Loving Charlotte dropping the knees on the neck. Bayley is really good as plucky babyface. Stiff boot to Bayley. The moonsault made sense by the Cole putting over how it destroyed her neck. Bayley with a comeback only to get cut off. The crowd is biting on every near fall. Huge spot has Bayley using the Fig 4. Bayley to Belly wins it.

2/13/17 WWE Charlotte vs Bayley 41/4*

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  • GSR changed the title to [2017-02-13-WWE-Raw] Charlotte Flair vs Bayley

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