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[2000-03-13-WWF-Raw] The Rock vs Big Show


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Opening promo to start with HHH doing his water spit for the first time I can recall. Shane runs down what happened to Rock on SmackDown and they really have milked him not being at Mania for all that it is worth. Steph gets the payoff of telling Rock he is facing the “Twin Towers” at Mania and out comes two little people. That is a trope DX loves huh. They make it an evening gown match which makes me think they really should have had Mae Young and Moohlah in this role instead of hiring these two. The crowd isn’t really responding until Rock comes out to a huge reaction. Main event gets set up for tonight with Rock’s career on the line. This feels like a reach but Rock is so over the crowd goes for it and at least Cactus Jack was just retired so it could be a possibility. The match proper is a toned down version of the No Way Out match and not that good at all. It revolves around the announce table and Shane being a crooked referee. The finish is really memorable as we get Hebner running down again and getting taken out by Shane before we see a limo pull up and out walks Vince McMahon who hasn’t been seen since Unforgiven. Vince decks HHH in the back and heads to the ring. He clocks Shane with a chair and takes off his referee shirt to count the 3 count on Show after Rock hits a Rock Bottom. This gets a thunderous pop and it is fun seeing the crowd high five and hug each other going nuts. The Rock is going to WrestleMania. **

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McMahon children, little people and fake laughing from heels, with stips that make the outcome obvious. The opening segment couldn't be more WWE if it tried. Jim Ross helps make the match seem better than it really is, and of course the angle at the end is outstanding and a great babyface payoff, even though I'm not sure what I think of Vince decking his own top heel.

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For the life of me I can't remember if it was ever explained why Vince sided with Rock other than "he wanted to get back at HHH and Stephanie". To be honest it made Rock seem kinda foolish to all of a sudden trust Vince. I mean it didn't matter as Rock couldn't possibly be hurt at this point but I always found that perplexing. And of course the finish of the main event of WM sorta backs this up

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