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[2000-03-15-WCW-Thunder] Chavo Guerrero Jr & La Parka vs El Dandy & Silver King


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La Parka has a lip synch gimmick which is pretty hilarious. La Parka’s yellow gear here is exquisite. I have never been a Chavo guy but it was clear in the La Parka sequence here how much smoother and overall enjoyable this match was compared to Chavo lumbering around. Parka does some dancing and the mis direction spots between Dandy and Silver King was charming. Parka even gets chants to use the chair. Parka slaps the shit out of Dandy then takes a shoulder into the post full steam ahead. Another swell match that only went five minutes that unfortunately had Chavo winning even though he was by far the least worker. **1/2

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A short match that blew me away. Wow did WCW not know what they had here. La Parka was over as hell and got a huge "Use the chair! chant. No one was over and got chants in 2000 WCW, are you kidding me? The action is incredible -- like Midnight Express vs Fantastics on fast forward with a lucha libre flair -- Silver King and El Dandy were fucking with the ring announcer and Dandy even had the Bobby Eaton right hand punches. To say these guys didn't adopt to the American style in WCW is hogwash. The American style didn't adopt to them. This was tremendous and sad at the same time, because it truly was a chance to rethink the way we do wrestling in America instead of just presenting the Mexican wrestlers as a sideshow. The kind of *** match where the star rating doesn't really do it full justice.

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Parka is doing the old Kaientai gimmick with someone cutting his promo for him over the PA. Dandy combs his mullet and Silver King gets Dave Penzer to reintroduce them as Los Fabulousos. This is the same match, with the odd tweak (Parka with a great scoop powerslam to Silver King instead of an arm drag before Dandy hits the senton on his own partner), that they do on Worldwide on 3/18. As I’ve already watched and reviewed that I won’t repeat myself here. The electric chair/crossbody spot didn’t look as good with Silver King just walking around and waiting for the crossbody, but that’s the lone criticism. The finish sees King hip toss Parka over the top rope to the floor (going over with him) and Chavo with the tornado DDT on to Dandy.


I’d rate this a touch above the Worldwide match just due to the fact there wasn’t the slight miscommunications. As good as you’ll get in the time allotted.

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Man, what a fantastic 5 minutes or so. Everyone looks good but man alive, La Parka was (is) one super charismatic dude and he has the crowd eating out of his hand all night. Los Fabulousos is hilarious as Silver King licks and sticks his eyebrows as El Dandy brushes that glorious mullet right before they all throw out some awesome sequences, filled with great dives, bumps and all cut at a breakneck pace. WCW could have had an astonishingly good undercard if they gave these guys the time of day.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-03-15-WCW-Thunder] Chavo Guerrero Jr & La Parka vs El Dandy & Silver King

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