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[2000-03-15-WCW-Thunder] Hulk Hogan vs Ric Flair & Lex Luger (Handicap)


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Seems kind of ill advised to be doing this match so close to the PPV. Again, Hogan and Flair are working pretty hard here along with Luger but stuff just feels way played out and more of an homage of a travelling road show that has just stepped out into a town again for their only appearance of the year instead of a weekly episodic promotion. Flair tries to flow some extra juice into this with his strap and the brawling on the table but overall this wouldn’t have exactly made me want to run out and purchase Uncensored. Hogan ends up getting his revenge here beating up all three Total Package members as we sign off the air. *1/2

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Who throws the worst chairshots in wrestling history -- Hulk Hogan or Lance Storm? Handicap matches are pretty much always bad, and Hogan being pushed in the right role at any stage doesn't bother me given his legendary status, but being pushed as indestructible against two men at this stage of the game is ridiculous and nauseating. So I kinda hated this. Luger has been working hard in what I guess was the last meaningful main event run of his career, and Flair and Hogan seemed motivated too, the heat is strong, and Hogan even sells a decent amount, so this isn't the worst thing in the world. It's just one of those "this is all wrong for WCW" matches I can't get past.

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Team Package put the boots to Hogan the minute he slides into the ring. Flair’s knife edge chops and Luger’s axe handles have no effect though and he responds with a noggin knocker. A series of lariats to both, Hulk whips Flair into the corner and he only just manages to do his flip over the turnbuckle. Hogan tosses Lex to the floor and beats Team Package up on the outside before whipping both with his belt and gingerly hitting them with a chair (both get their hands up to protect their heads). Back in the ring he chokes Flair with the belt and gives him a big backdrop. Flair tries to fire back with chops and punches but Hogan no sells everything. Eye poke from the Naitch and he makes his usual mistake of going up top. Hogan slams him to the canvas and returns to whipping them both with his belt. Low blow and finally Hogan thinks he should at least try to put them over slightly. He rolls to the outside grabbing his groin and the Naitch follows him. Knife edge chops before viciously choking him on the announcer’s desk. Chair to the back of Hogan and Flair whips Hulk with his own belt. Double clothesline, but Hogan is immediately back up to his feet and running rough shot over Team Package again. Flair face first bump! Big boot to Luger misses by a yard, whilst one for Flair only gets up as high as his sternum. Liz is in the ring, she goes to hit Hulk with a chair but he sees her and grabs it. Chair shot to Lex and he’s back to whipping Flair again. Naitch heads out and up the aisle, then gets on his knees begging Hulk to stop. He whips him once more before Flair sprints to the back. In the midst of all this the bells rings and I think the official result is a double count out.


As a match this was probably a shade below average (Hogan and Flair had their light working boots on, Luger seemed happy to spend most of his time on the floor), as a build for Uncensored it was terrible. Hogan is far too dominant against two men, one of whom they want us to pay to see him face on the PPV. All Hogan to begin with and Team Package were only able to stem the flow with a low blow from Flair. A bit of heat on the Hulkster, but he’s back to being Superman a few minutes later. After more singlehanded dominance, the final shots of the broadcast is Flair on his knees in the aisle, Hogan whipping him and then him sprinting to the back. Remind me why I should pay to see a strap match between them? First time I’d thought that these guys look old too. Flair is barely able to do his bump in the corner, punches are clearly pulled and Hulk can’t even get his leg up for the big boot to Flair towards the end. I’ve no problem with people putting their hands up to protect themselves from chairshots, but it looked so bad here that Hulk should’ve just hit Team Package in the back with the chairs instead and not bothered with shots to the head.

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I didn't think the work was bad in this match but the booking was really stupid as in this is just a match that never should have happened. You can't have the heels just dominate and squash Hogan and they shouldn't have gotten their ass kicked like they did so there was never anything good that could have come out of this and nothing good did come out of it.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-03-15-WCW-Thunder] Hulk Hogan vs Ric Flair & Lex Luger (Handicap)

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