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[2017-02-11-WAVE-White Breath 2017] Ryo Mizunami vs Misaki Ohata

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This is for Mizunami's Regina di WAVE title as she takes on her tag partner Ohata. There is some nice matwork to open things up as Ohata tries to neutralize Mizunami's power by going after limbs in order to try to slow her down. This works for awhile but eventually Mizunami is able to stay upright long enough in order to get some offense in. This match then gets super stiff as the two of them really lay into one another. One of the best things about this match is how they both sell the physicality of the match. It never turns into a 'fighting spirit' no-sell contest that matches like this can deteriorate into. The finish is pretty good to as Ohata finds a lot of nifty ways to avoid/counter Mizunami's finishers. A great, hard fought title match. ****1/4

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