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[2000-03-31-ECW-TNN] Yoshihiro Taijiri vs Little Guido


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Really good TV match, even only clocking in at six minutes. It was mostly a showcase of Tajiri's terrific offense, but Guido is such a fluid wrestler and is so good at making others look great that he really is the type of guy who should be on every roster. You have five guys as good as him in every company, and those like Roman Reigns achieve the desired reaction. I liked the use of the tables here, along with the pacing. All of this worked. ***

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Guido is distracted by the mist and Tajiri immediately nails him with a boot to the mid-section. Side headlock, Guido shoots him into the ropes, leapfrog attempt but Tajiri with a dropkick as he’s in the air ‘mid-leap’. Guido reverses a whip to the corner, Tajiri with the tip up, however Guido catches and plants him to the canvas. ‘Hotshot’ from Tajiri and Guido rolls out the ring and onto the rampway. Tajiri follows him out, kicks him around the head and then gives him a snap suplex on the ramp. He grabs a table from underneath the ring and sets it up in the corner. ‘Italian’ whip into the table is reversed, but Guido is able to put the brakes on just in time. Tajiri picks up the chair that Sal had previously passed to Guido and absolutely launches it at him, although he’s able to dodge ou the way as it flies into the table. Guido catches a Tajiri kick and a double leg takedown for two. Handspring elbow and we leave the action for a commercial break. When we return Tajiri is laid out on the table and Big Sal is in the ring with Guido stood on his shoulders. Tajiri is up and stands on the table, mist to the face of Sal and a facebuster into the table on Guido. Suplex onto a seemingly unbreakable table and Guido kicks out at two. ‘Tree of Woe’, Tajiri places a chair infront of Guido’s face and just kicks it unmercifully. Dragon sleeper and Guido is able to get his foot over the bottom rope. Another handspring elbow, but this time Guido counters with a Hangman’s neckbreaker. ‘Silician slice’ for two as Tajiri kicks out. Tajiri then power blocks a tornado DDT and sits Guido back on the top turnbuckle. Brainbuster/superplex and that’s all she wrote.


After three months of matches I’m running out of things to say when it comes to these two (and Super Crazy in fact!). Another good match (aren’t they all?) and that finishing Brainbuster looked great. As always they continue to mix things up and add in new spots (fighting on the rampway, Tajiri on the table with Guido on Sal’s shoulders etc) so the match always feels fresh.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-03-31-ECW-TNN] Yoshihiro Taijiri vs Little Guido

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