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[2017-03-16-SEAdLINNNG] Nanae Takahashi & Arisa Nakajima vs Hiroyo Matsumoto & Ryo Mizunami


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Nanae Takahashi & Arisa Nakajima vs. Hiroyo Matsumoto & Ryo Mizunami


I have to agree with Dedy, this is the best Nanae has ever looked. Her segments with Hiroyo and Mizunami were spectacular, and some of the bumps she took were so hard they bounced her off of the canvas! Nakajima prays before delivering a double foot stomp, which is a cute reference to her misogi training. Everyone looked great in this match; Mizunami was hot-blooded as always, and Hiroyo busts out a Styles Clash powerbomb (!). This has that Zenjo-sprint pacing where they go non-stop and momentum shifts can happen in an instant. ****1/2

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Neat visual during the entrance of Matsumoto and Mizunami where they each have a single and tag title belts, but each one is from a different promotion. This is similar to the Io Shirai anniversary match from a few days earlier in that it feels like a bunch of main-eventers pairing of to have a match. While this match didn't reach the high points of that match, this one was much more physical. The strike exchanges between Arisa and Hiroyo were particularly nasty. More or less what you would expect from these four. ****

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  • GSR changed the title to [2017-03-16-SEAdLINNNG] Nanae Takahashi & Arisa Nakajima vs Hiroyo Matsumoto & Ryo Mizunami

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