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Pro-Wrestling Super Show 65 Favourite 33 Wrestling Moments


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Just wanted to say thanks for the show! Last few years it's always this run up to WrestleMania where I get a bit burnt out as a fan but this show has lifted my spirits and been a real treat so far. Never forget "Blood Runs Cold".

Thanks Mando! We wanted some positivism without whining going on for this time of the year.

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Echoing Mando, this show was super fun and at a time like this totally reminded me why I love da biz, just from hearing guys sound so excited about wrestling, even though few of your favourite moments overlap with mine.


Now all I can think about is trying to come up with my own list of 33 moments.


On one point specifically, I think every fan under a certain age would have Punk's pipebomb promo somewhere up there. The more time has passed and the indy influence on WWE gets exponentially greater all the time, it's hard to remember just how ground breaking and monumental this felt at the time.


I went on holiday to Melbourne on the weekend of MITB, and before the pipebomb I wasn't too fussed about missing the show and catching up with it when I got back. After the pipebomb, there was no fucking way on the earth I was missing seeing what would happen live so come that day, I left my friends and whatever we were doing to go to an internet cafe by myself and watch a shitty illegal stream of MITB. Never before or since have I been so talked into watching a PPV that I would have moved heaven and earth to see it exactly as it happened and not a moment after.

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