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[2017-04-09-NJPW-Sakura Genesis] Zack Sabre Jr vs Hirooki Goto


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My biggest takeaway here was how much the Sumo Hall crowd was into Zack's arm work. That was really cool to see as things escalated during the match. I think they tip-toed the line just about perfect on how much damage Goto could realistically handle here as Zack threw everything at him and he'd either just get the ropes, and then later was able to counter these holds (logically this makes sense as it's the second or third time he's been in them) into power moves. Suzuki-gun stuff was meh, but did let Goto finish real strong in overcoming them and then putting Sabre away. Really fun. ***3/4

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I like how when Sabre locks in a submission, he always has an extra move he can throw in to get heat. Like, he'll lock up your arm, wait a beat, and then start messing your wrist or whatever.


That said, I found my attention wandering during this. Neither of these guys is particularly engaging, and nothing made that clearer than Minoru Suzuki's involvement. There's a guy who knows how to project a character.

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I thought Zack's submission and arm work here was amazing as usual and Goto looked great fighting his way through it. The interference takes the match down slightly for me but Goto looked good fighting off Suzuki. Sabre's near-fall after the match was also good and Goto shined in the finishing stretch. ****1/4

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  • GSR changed the title to [2017-04-09-NJPW-Sakura Genesis] Zack Sabre Jr vs Hirooki Goto

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