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[2000-04-15-MPPW-TV] Wolfie D vs Derrick King


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No sound on this one but a pretty damn hot match. These guys continue to be the starts of MPPW in 2000 and they delivered about as fast paced and engaging contest as you could in 4 minutes. King's neckbreaker combo is really slick and he warms up the band for the SCM which takes out the referee. Doctor bomb from Wolfie gets a close nearfall which sends him into shock. X Factor for King has the match won when the interference starts up. King gets rid of that and shows his resilience until Brandon Baxter sends him into the steel post and one more big powerbomb gives the win to Wolfie. ***

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Great opening as Wolfie rushes at King and tries to nail him with the title belt, only for King to duck out the way and get in a couple of shots of his own. Wolfie swings, but his punches connect with nothing but air as he can’t land anything. Tilt-a-whirl headscissors followed by a dropkick which sends Wolfie tumbling through the ropes to the floor. Pescado and he rams Wolfie’s head into the announcing desk. King sets up the ring steps next to Wolfie and runs up them, but Wolfie sidesteps out the way and King goes flying into the desk. Wolfie whips his opponent into the corner, King with the tip up to try and leap over the incoming Wolfie, however he catches him, reverses his position, ‘Alabama slam’ before finally slingshotting him over the turnbuckle and into the ringpost. Legdrop for a two. Spinebuster and straight into a Scorpion deathlock as Wolfie keeps hold of King’s legs. Right hand off the middle and King just about gets his shoulder up. Scoop powerslam as the near falls continue. King counters a wheelbarrow suplex with a variation of the stunner and both men are down. Hangman’s neckbreaker from King, a pair of atomic drops and a big splash off the top for his closest fall yet. Superkick and now ‘Evil Knieval’/the getaway driver is up on the apron. As King goes over to grab him, he throws a chain to Wolfie. He wraps it around his fist and clocks King, but he’s able to kick out. Wolfie with the spinning powerbomb although he doesn’t go for the cover. An Irish whip is reversed and King snaps Wolfie’s neck across the top rope. Bodypress off the top, but Wolfie had a hold of the official and he gets taken out at the same time. Facebuster by King and a second referee slides in to count the pin, however at the count of two ‘Evil Knieval’ pulls him out of the ring. The Regulators and Seven rush down to help Wolfie, quickly followed by some of the face lockerroom and we’re out of time as the show goes off the air.


When you have the two best workers in Power Pro going at it you know you’re not going to be disappointed. I liked this one an awful lot; fast, quick paced action, great near falls and it was a clean finish away from being the best Memphis match I’ve seen in 2000 so far. That ending was so disappointing though but at least we have to be guaranteed a rematch.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-04-15-MPPW-TV] Wolfie D vs Derrick King

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