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[2000-04-24-WWF-Raw] D-Von & Bubba Ray Dudley vs Edge & Christian


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I love when the Slam of the Week gets added in. Castrol GTX: Drive Hard. We see Lita getting powerbombed through the table at the hands of the Dudley Boyz. E&C are still faces which I didn’t think lasted this long after Mania. I could have sworn we were already into the flash photography phase by Backlash. Bubba calls Edge a queer on the apron I am pretty sure here. Dudley’s are pretty firmly in control until T&A music hits and out comes Trish scantily clad and on a table. This allows E&C to gain the advantage. D Von is not phased by the distraction and is a house of fire. Bubba hits a big time spear on a diving Edge that gets a good reaction. The 3D seems to be looming but Trish takes off her jacket and it mesmerizes Bubba. Edge spears D-Von and E&C steal the win. *3/4

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The match is pretty nothing and is mostly a backdrop for the angle. E&C still don't have much personality, but I'm pretty sure that is only a few weeks away. Trish at ringside on a table looking all seductive as an attempt to appeal to Bubba Ray's instincts is some pretty clever writing, I will say that.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-04-24-WWF-Raw] D-Von & Bubba Ray Dudley vs Edge & Christian

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