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[1981-01-16-Houston Wrestling] Dynamic Duo (Tully Blanchard & Gino Hernandez) vs Scott Casey & Tiger Conway Jr


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The Duo seem to always deliver. This is an odd camera angle. Tiger unloads on Tully, and the camera angle is back to normal. Both Tully and Gino are bumping and stooging big time. Love Tully selling his attempted headbutt on Tiger.Finally the #'s game catches up to Tiger, and he's FIP. Both members of the Duo are great at working the apron. Hot tag to the Cowboy. Casey standing tall and kicking ass.The dbl team to set up their advantage. They cut him off and work him over. He tags to Tiger, and hits an amazing flying headbutt. 1,2,3


Fall 2


Conway dominating early. Casey in and they mesh as a tag team. Tiger presses the moment. The faces have all the momentum until Tiger misses Tully in the corner and posts himself. This leads to the Duo stealing the fall.


Fall 3


Gino working over Tiger's hurt shoulder. Tully in and he punches Tiger right in the shoulder. Gino back in and is stomping the shoulder. The heat is getting hot. Quick tags working over the shoulder. The Duo are maestros working over the shoulder. Hot tag and Casey is bumping the Duo. Again the Duo use the #'s game and cut off the Cowboy. They're focusing on Scott's back. Crowd getting restless. Ref distraction. They toss Casey over the top rope. Ref tries to get Conway out. Gino hits his falling elbow from the top for the win. 4*


In ring promo from the Duo. Boesch is disgusted. Tully and Gino are on fire.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1981-01-16-Houston Wrestling] Dynamic Duo (Tully Blanchard & Gino Hernandez) vs Scott Casey & Tiger Conway Jr
  • 5 years later...

This was better than the recent singles between Blanchard and Conway, even though that angle was used as the main focus for this match. Conway is better than usual here, he fights from underneath and his control of the pace is limited, but once again Gino puts on a hell of a performance with great selling and a nasty control on the babyfaces. The Duo got a lot of heat (while, only a week earlier, a crowd like Houston wasn't that hot for Tully) and the booking was perfect, because once again Conway/Blanchard was teased and then again postponed to let Gino shine with the finish. Props to them for going 25 minutes without getting corny or boring

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