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[2017-05-03-NJPW-Wrestling Dontaku] Kazuchika Okada vs Bad Luck Fale


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I've liked Bad Luck Fale since I first saw him - I honestly think he is pretty underrated, he does a really good job at being the gaijin monster. Here he had the match of his life. They kept it simple; Fale dominated Okada with his monster work, while Okada made some fiery comebacks. Both parties played their roles extremely well & as a result, we got a rockin' main event match. Liked this better than Okada's matches vs. Kenny & Ibushi this year. ****1/4

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This really didn't do it for me. It was interesting to see Okada defending his title against a "smaller" name, but it's a bit bothersome when the big monster heel is taken out of his feet almost a minute into the match and tries to go for the countout victory soon after.


I guess Okada hitting a tombstone is cool and all, but this felt very... okay. Nothing really bad, but hard to say they did something great. Happy for Fale getting his title shot and I'm glad they didn't go long, but this match wasn't special at all.


** 3/4

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I thought this was fantastic. I loved the use of the two tombstone spots and Fale's apparent tribute to Undertaker. Fale's repeated success at getting out of the Rainmaker built well to when Okada finally hit it. Fale was great at playing the big man here and Okada was great at overcoming the big man. ****1/4

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Okada is the only guy I can think of who has consistently put on above-average matches with Fale (with the exception of their Destruction match last year). They just have this really weird chemistry together. The Invasion Attack match is still their best, but they worked a good "big man vs. smaller man" match here.



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  • GSR changed the title to [2017-05-03-NJPW-Wrestling Dontaku] Kazuchika Okada vs Bad Luck Fale

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