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[2000-05-21-WWF-Judgment Day] Edge & Christian & Kurt Angle vs Too Cool & Rikishi


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Edge and Christian continue to refine their heel act including Angle in the group more and more. The jug band photo op they do here is one of my favorites throughout this run. E&C implement the Arn and Tully corner spot. Rikishi is still over like crazy as the crowd chants his name loudly half way through the match. Angle cutting off the worm was smart in getting heat on him and it allows Scotty 2 Hotty to be FIP for a bit. Solid stuff in the FIP and then we get the finale with Kurt getting the stink face and Rikishi running through his offense. Edge is able to hit the spear on Rikishi and then attempts to do the worm. Scotty stops that and does the WORM proper. To continue the trend, Christian hits a ring bell on Christian and the pinfall but the referee is distracted. This allows Sexay to come down with a legdrop for the top and Rikishi is put on top of Edge to gain the victory. Good opener to get the crowd going and a good way to have E&C lose without dropping the belts. ***

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I love the jug band pose, but I also love Christian going for the cheap face pop first and then mispronouncing the city name.


These guys all had such defined acts and they did a great job of playing off expectations. Really fun little six man.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-05-21-WWF-Judgment Day] Edge & Christian & Kurt Angle vs Too Cool & Rikishi

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