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[2001-04-29-Jd'] Sumie Sakai vs The Bloody


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At this point, I'm starting to think JD stands for JUDO and DEATH. This was another unique match as it has some big violence and blood. Starts out with a few psycho bumps, Sakai takes a really dangerous looking spill down a flight of stairs, misses a moonsault from a height into a pile of chairs etc. To be honest I thought the pace was a little off but it could've been due to the clipping. The second half was really well worked as you had Sakai doing her best Sangre Chicana impression, being bloodied and doing a very good job selling dazed and hanging on by a thread. I really liked how desperate Sakai was to avoid the chain punches from The Bloody, and the worked in some good exchanges. There were a few weird lulls in the match and some parts that felt a little rushed keeping this below it's potential.

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Cool to see those Jd' reviews in 2017. This was the ultimate cult-following (like, a dozen people including yours truly ;) ) in joshi community lovers at the time. The Bloody & Yabushita were my two favourites, but I also enjoyed Sakai a whole lot and Fang was the unexpected underrated brawler.

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