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[2000-05-26-Oz Academy] Sugar Sato vs KAORU


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I liked that this didn’t insult the viewer by having any pretenses of it being anything but a hardcore match. Some of the weapons shots were effective but once again Oz Academy is probably my least favorite joshi promotion to watch as it is tough to get a sense of hierarchy and the stakes that are involved with each individual match. KAORU is asked to play a multitude of roles and while she does most of them well, I still haven’t seen that break out amazing performance that she conveyed in the Aja match. Here we barely got any glimpses of that at all. **3/4

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-05-26-Oz Academy] Sugar Sato vs KAORU

After her negative six star classic with Ozaki, what can KAORU produce against Sugar? Whatever goodwill KAORU generated from the Aja match has quickly evaporated. I can't believe that in the old days when there were battle lines drawn over Joshi that anyone thought KAORU was better than LCO. Not even on LCO's worst day were they as bad as KAORU and that's saying something since LCO had some downright awful days. This wasn't as offensive as the Ozai match but it was still stupid. Why does KAORU even bother with these hardcore matches when she consistently loses? Don't you think she'd realize that jumping off ladders and crashing through tables wasn't paying off? Apparently not. 

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