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[2017-04-19-WAVE] Ryo Mizunami vs Takumi Iroha


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Regina di WAVE Championship: Ryo Mizunami © vs. Takumi Iroha


Iroha doesn't make tape very often so it's always interesting to see what new techinques she has learned in the untaped abyss. This didn't quite reach the level of Mizunami's title matches against Ohata and Haruhi on the epic scale, but the action was straight-forward and solid. One gripe I had was the moment when Mizunami's hits a desperation Hot Limit; Iroha had been dominating so much that Mizunami could barely stand and she's just lifted up and takes the reverse piledriver with no resistance. At least wiggle your feet or something! ***1/4

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This isn't up on WAVE Network yet, so I'll link it here until it is.


I was excited to see Iroha make tape again to but she wasn't really anything special here, just a solid performance. Mizunami was great again here though, she should really be mentioned as one of the better workers going right now. She did a great job at selling her back after Iroha worked over it in the early going. Then she does a very nice job of working around it during her comeback. This match does lack the drama of the last two Mizunami title defenses which doesn't make this as engaging. Still the work here is really good even if it follows the current Japanese title match formula. ***3/4

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  • GSR changed the title to [2017-04-19-WAVE] Ryo Mizunami vs Takumi Iroha

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