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[2000-05-29-WWF-Raw] Edge & Christian vs Too Cool


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Decided to give this a look since it is a title change. I was surprised by how over Too Cool still was as the crowd popped huge for them coming out. The action here is nothing and only a couple of minutes long which is disappointing but the finish here is fun and plays off E&C being the ultimate opportunists over the past month or so. Joe C (Kid Rock stage sidekick) comes in the ring and interferes allowing Too Cool to win the belts to another big pop. It felt like they changed the titles just to have the moment with Joe C but this was a good thank you to Too Cool who really have gotten over a pretty dreadful gimmick along with Rikishi. 3/4*

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My best friend at the time was a giant Too Cool mark. And I enjoyed them as well - they were so purely goofy that it worked. If they'd committed anything less than fully, it's a terrible gimmick - but played to the hilt it worked really well in the moment.


The build with the backstage vignettes with E&C and Joe C (with the E&C initially thinking he's Verne Troyer) are great, and nicely pay off here. Nothing as a match, but a really nice moment with a big reaction from the crowd.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-05-29-WWF-Raw] Edge & Christian vs Too Cool

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