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  1. Yeah, Alexa's injury issues the last 18 months have pretty much blown the candle out on a big singles push for her. History shows that Vince & the WWE consistently depush wrestlers who consistently get hurt.
  2. Exposer

    Wrestlemania 35: The KawadaSmile tribute thread

    Mania was scheduled for 5 PM Eastern to 12:30 AM Eastern. The Network schedule usually covers up to a week. It might be wise for some folks to check the Network schedule. I thought it was bizarre that people were acting shocked that it was going on forever when they could of just looked up the schedule. Funny enough, they ended the show on time whether one thinks it was too long or not.
  3. Exposer

    WWE Backlash 2018

    That's how I feel about the whole Roman-Brock ordeal as a huge Roman fan.
  4. Exposer

    WWE Backlash 2018

    Because it's Daniel Bryan & beating Daniel Bryan is guaranteed heat (good or bad). WWE sees that as a positive regardless if we think that's a good thing or not. And to my original point, Bryan will always be over. He can afford to lose 100 matches straight to the Big Cass & Jinders of the world. Big Cass really can't afford to lose. It's better to give him a big win & see if anything sticks than just have Bryan slay him & move on.
  5. Exposer

    WWE Backlash 2018

    Predictions: Ruby over Bayley AJ over Nak Rollins over Miz Hardy over Orton Carmella over Charlotte Nia over Alexa Cass over Bryan KO/Zayn over Braun/Lashley Reigns over Joe People will complain if Bryan loses, but the thing is he's bulletproof. Reigns is proof that beating Bryan is actually worse for one's career than losing to him. Cass is perfect because he's a big, tall guy who's supposed to be a heel so he'll get booed by every type of fan. So in this case, it's better to have a guy everyone hates beat him than risking a fan favorite receive insane backlash. Roman winning will be hilariously bad for tons of reasons not to mention it will severely hurt Joe. The booking of Reigns as a fake top guy who's actually a loser when it matters is so bad I can hardly watch RAW. Having him likely beat a hot act like Joe when he's a total jobber to Brock is just mind bogglingly terrible. I want to point out I'm a huge Roman Reigns fan, but there's no good way to book him at this point outside letting him take 6 months off.
  6. Exposer

    PTBN GWWE Results Thread

    I'm loving this. It's great that everyone who got a vote is getting some recognition.
  7. Exposer

    Royal Rumble 2018 Predictions

    I'm a little surprised people keep forgetting Elimination Chamber is a RAW PPV. I doubt Roman wins the Rumble. He will win the Chamber & move on into the Hogan vs Warrior build with Brock from there.
  8. Exposer

    Greatest Match Ever Project

    I'm thinking about it. I'll at least join in the discussion a bit. I've always thought ranking wrestlers is easier than matches. I'm more interested in the former as well. I agree with jetlag that it will get difficult when there's fifty five star matches or whatever & people end up grasping for straws to put the #44 five star match over the #45 one.
  9. Exposer

    Royal Rumble 2018 Predictions

    My top three guesses for the men's are Nakamura, Cena, & Miz in that order. Roman will win the Chamber match as the show is a RAW PPV this year. With the women I'm going with Asuka, Paige, & Ronda in that order. Becky will last the longest in the women's match & I think Miz will be the marathon guy in the men's. Surprise entrants are easier to predict for the women than the men this year. Ronda, Trish, Lita, Michelle McCool, Beth Phoenix, etc. are good ones. For the men, I don't have a clue which is kind of nice since it's possible I'll be legitimately surprised by at least one special entrant.
  10. Exposer

    MOTYs for your favorite wrestlers

    John Cena 2005 (vs JBL Judgment Day) 2006 (Elimination Chamber New Year's Revolution) 2007 (vs Umaga Royal Rumble) 2008 (vs Triple H Night of Champions) 2009 (vs Randy Orton Bragging Rights) 2010 (vs Batista Extreme Rules) 2011 (vs Punk MITB) 2012 (vs Lesnar Extreme Rules) 2013 (vs Bryan Summerslam) 2014 (vs Lesnar Summerslam) 2015 (vs Cesaro RAW 7/6) 2016 (vs Styles Summerslam) 2017 (vs Reigns No Mercy)
  11. Exposer

    WWE October 30 - November 5

    What would you say is the last time WWE did something as you would describe above? Quite honestly, I don't ask much when it comes to wrestling. If I enjoy myself & look forward to what's next it's working for me. And WWE satisfies those feelings as of now. I can watch a Mid South episode from the 80s & a 2017 WWE PPV main event & get the same level of enjoyment. It doesn't mean they're the same thing, but both are good in their own way.
  12. Exposer

    WWE October 30 - November 5

    Because professional wrestlers want to win their professional wrestling matches. Why would the wrestlers not want to be on the winning team? Regardless of if they're going to switch teams once the next draft/shake up happens. It's not like free agency makes pro athletes not care about winning the games they play. Athletes care about winning games with something real on the line. Raw vs. Smackdown is more akin to a preseason or All-Star game. Maybe but it's worked so far. SD last week did a really surprisingly good number after the big Raw angle. Crowds are hot for it. The product seems to have momentum and purpose. We can very fairly poke holes in the logic but WWE to me had a hot week of TV and I'm looking forward to SS. They can do the things that work (the surprises for instance) without being lazy. Why is it wrong to want basic competence and coherency? The Kane vs Rollins 2015 feud was competent & coherent. It also sucked & took up lots of TV time. I'm not really a fan of suddenly doing RAW vs SD for 4 weeks out of the year & then going back to normal. There needs to be build & teases throughout the year to at least set up matches & stories down the line for S. Series every year. This company isn't going to bother doing that though & I don't blame them. The important thing is this is working & the crowds are responding. I'm enjoying it even if I think some of the segments have been overly campy. Most importantly, it's crucial to understand what WWE wants. They're looking for stories & characters to get over by any means necessary & less so about things making sense or being logical. They've actually gotten better with logic over the last two years or so even as it's not too present in this case. There's an argument to be made that logic & coherence get wrestlers more over, but I'm not sure WWE cares about how over someone is. They simply care if someone or something is over or not & go from there.
  13. Exposer

    Hell in a Cell 2017

    Yes. Essentially what Johnny said. There were several backstage segments with Sami trying to talk sense into both Owens & Shane. It's also worth noting that on SmackDown two weeks ago Zayn & Owens had a match. Owens did the apron powerbomb on Zayn & then tried to break his neck by wrapping a chair around his head. Shane came out to help Zayn, but Owens pushed the hurt Sami into a charging Shane with the chair going into Sami's throat. We'll have to wait & see, but that seemed to be a case of foreshadowing of Zayn getting involved.
  14. Exposer

    WWE Network... It's Here

    Yeah, I'm digging the idea of Heat & Thunder being uploaded. Lots of potential gems on those shows.
  15. Exposer

    WWE TV Aug 7-14

    Tonight's RAW via Wrestling News link on Twitter & announcements from WWE: Bayley's injury is confirmed bad enough for her to miss Summerslam. There are reports that a #1 Contender's tournament will start tonight with two triple threat matches: Emma vs Sasha vs Alicia & Nia vs Dana vs Mickie. Brock Lesnar & Paul Heyman are at the show & rumored to be on Miz TV. Roman Reigns vs Braun Strowman in a Last Man Standing match. Scott Dawson is reportedly injured with a ruptured bicep & with that it looks The Revival will be removed from the current secondary tag team program also involving the Hardyz & The Club.